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 Character Questions :: BATCH 1

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PostSubject: Character Questions :: BATCH 1   Fri Dec 04, 2015 3:04 pm


----- :: Character Questions - First Batch :: -----


This is another fun little thing we've done across RPs that people have seemed to enjoy. It lets a player get further into their OCs habits and mind by answers just little trivial questions that profile templates don't always include. It's also a fun way for other players to get to know your characters more out of character!

Like the fanmix activity, this is not required -- it's just a little something you can do while not posting, or busy! If you don't want to, that's perfectly alright! Hopefully you'll enjoy the answers that are put here by others!

That all being said, here's the first batch of questions!

1. What's your OC's headcanon voice?
(Headcanon voice - the voice of which you imagine your character speaking with.)
2. What's your OC's birthday?
3. What's your OC's astrological sign?
4. What's your OC's favorite food?
5. What's your OCs spirit animal?
6. What's your OC like when they wake up in the morning?
7. What's your OC's favorite season?
8. How many family members does your OC have?
9. How does your OC act when they're drunk?
10. What's your OC worried about upon being taken into Elder Tale? If they're a Lander, how do they feel towards the adventurers becoming more real (less like cardboard beings)?


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PostSubject: Re: Character Questions :: BATCH 1   Fri Dec 04, 2015 3:48 pm

1. What's your OC's headcanon voice?
Risru [Kazuo] - Kensho Ono [seiyuu]
Asashiru [Masaru] - Suzumura Kenichi [seiyuu]
Civetta [Luca] - nero [utaite]
Saaya - luz [utaite]
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - Tomoaki Maeno [Note: Best Example - Arsene Lupin (Code Realize)] [seiyuu]
Anzume [Naoya] - Suzuki Tatsuhisa [seiyuu] [Best Example - Takao (Kuroko no Basuke)]
Elouan [Noël] - Kishou Taniyama (Best Example - Ikki (AMNESIA)] [seiyuu/singer]
Alaelith - Daisuke Hirakawa (Best Example - Saint Germain (Code: Realize)) [seiyuu]
Kuina - Kazuki Kato [singer]
Kamil - Yuuichi Nakamura [seiyuu]
Caius -Yuuki Ono [seiyuu] [Best Example - Yuzuru Saeki (CollarxMalice)]
Al Niyat [Ikue] - Orikasa Fumiko [seiyuu]
Roche [Nellie] - Asami Imai [Note: Best Example] [seiyuu/singer]
Niliri - Atsumi Tanezaki [seiyuu]
Rensa [Rhion] - Eir Aoi [singer]
Novactea [Maeve] - Chiwa Saito [seiyuu]

Kaimu Miura -  Mamoru Miyano [seiyuu]

2. What's your OC's birthday?
Risru [Kazuo] - July 28th
Asashiru [Masaru] - January 26th
Civetta [Luca] - August 15th
Saaya - June 3rd
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - October 9th
Anzume [Naoya] - November 29th
Elouan [Noël] - December 25th
Alaelith - Sometime in April
Kuina - September 2nd
Kamil - May 8th
Caius - August 9th
Al Niyat [Ikue] - September 23rd
Roche [Nellie] - April 3rd
Niliri - June 28th
Rensa [Rhion] - July 6th
Novactea [Maeve] - April 16th

3. What's your OC's astrological sign?
Risru [Kazuo] - Leo
Asashiru [Masaru] - Aquarius
Civetta [Luca] - Leo
Saaya - Gemini
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - Libra
Anzume [Naoya] - Sagittarius
Elouan [Noël] - Capricorn
Alaelith - Aries
Kuina - Virgo
Kamil - Taurus
Caius - Leo
Al Niyat [Ikue] - Libra
Roche [Nellie] - Aries
Niliri - Cancer
Rensa [Rhion] - Cancer
Novactea [Maeve] - Aries

4. What's your OC's favorite food?
Risru [Kazuo] - Shogayaki, Yakisoba, Taiyaki
Asashiru [Masaru] - Curry Rice
Civetta [Luca] - Cioccolatini (Chocolate Bonbons)
Saaya - Okonomiyaki, Dango
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - Crêpes, Yakitori, Yakiniku
Anzume [Naoya] - Apples, Apricots, Mikan Oranges -- loves natural sweets; however isn't good with sugary desserts.
Elouan [Noël] - French Onion Soup, Bouillabaisse, Chocolate Mousse, Macaroons
Alaelith - Giant leaves, Mutton
Kuina - Enjoys soups and such, as well as various meat dishes -- also enjoys almost anything with cheese. Likes sweets, but mostly fruit-related sweets -- rich sweets aren't something he can really handle.
Kamil - Macaroons, Tulipes, Cappuccino Soufflé, Sole Meunière
Caius - Fish dishes with proper seasoning, sweetened coffee, applets
Al Niyat [Ikue] - Hanabira Mochi, Yakisoba-pan, Curry Bread, Dango
Roche [Nellie] - Bulgogi
Niliri - Curry Buns, Spicy Foods in general, Raspberry Tarts
Rensa [Rhion] - Panna cotta, Coffee (Hot, Iced, Blended, etc), Tiramisu, Saltimbocca
Novactea [Maeve] - Pot Roast, Beef Stew, Buffalo Wings, Cheeseburgers, Nachos

5. What's your OCs spirit animal?
Risru [Kazuo] - Sand Cat
Asashiru [Masaru] - Red Panda
Civetta [Luca] - Owl
Saaya - A domesticated gryphon (a bird/cat instead of an eagle/lion)
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - Black Golden Retriever
Anzume [Naoya] - Black Pomeranian
Elouan [Noël] - Occasionally a snake, occasionally a rabbit
Alaelith - Sloth
Kuina - River Otter
Kamil - Arctic Fox
Caius -
Al Niyat [Ikue] - Baby Seal [or] Chinchilla
Roche [Nellie] - Japanese dwarf flying squirrel
Niliri - Baby Deer
Rensa [Rhion] - Cougar
Novactea [Maeve] -

6. What's your OC like when they wake up in the morning?
Risru [Kazuo] - Sleepy, and wants to go back to sleep
Asashiru [Masaru] - Sleepy at first, but wakes up rather quickly due to being accustomed to doing so
Civetta [Luca] - Wakes up rather quickly, but prefers to stay in bed for a few extra minutes to doze
Saaya - Can wake up quickly, though will if in a particularly good sleep it may take awhile, and he'll be really drowsy.
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - Always drowsy, and will remain that way for quite some time before he's ready to face the day.
Anzume [Naoya] - Can wake up easily, though dozing a bit in bed for a few extra minutes never hurt.
Elouan [Noël] - Mornings? He doesn't do mornings, not at all. (He's always tired in some fashion)
Alaelith - He wakes up rather quickly, but still doesn't get up. He just lays there until he's tired of doing so.
Kuina - Used to waking up early, so can wake up rather quickly!
Kamil - Can't wake up for the life of him, it takes him quite a bit without tea or something to speed up the process. If anything, he'll just flop back into bed and go back to sleep before his body finally decides its had enough.
Caius - Generally accustomed to waking up early, thus has no issues and with coffee can wake up rather quickly; however it may take time for him to put on his salesman smile and charm.
Al Niyat [Ikue] - Sleepy, and wants to go back to sleep
Roche [Nellie] - She likes to lie in bed longer and cuddle under her blankets and pillows, but can wake up rather quickly and is typically always ready to face the day!
Niliri - Very sleepy, and wishes to cuddle back under her blankets and pillows to sleep more.
Rensa [Rhion] - Hates waking up, but does it anyway...after awhile.
Novactea [Maeve] - Doesn't exactly like waking up, but is used to doing so to take care of her brothers and get them ready for school so she can wake up somewhat quickly, though still might have bouts of sleepiness.

7. What's your OC's favorite season?
Risru [Kazuo] - Fall/Winter
Asashiru [Masaru] - Winter
Civetta [Luca] - Spring/Fall
Saaya - Fall
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - Spring/Fall
Anzume [Naoya] - Fall
Elouan [Noël] - Winter
Alaelith - Spring
Kuina - Fall
Kamil - Winter
Caius - Spring/Fall
Al Niyat [Ikue] - Summer/Fall
Roche [Nellie] - Spring/Summer
Niliri - Spring/Winter
Rensa [Rhion] - Winter
Novactea [Maeve] - Spring/Fall

8. How many family members does your OC have?
Risru [Kazuo] -

  • Both Parents - Iyuki & Muika Osamoto
  • Twin Sister - Kasumi Osamoto
  • Aunt - Yuriko Osamoto
  • Uncle - Takuya Osamoto
  • Grandparents - Himeko & Fujio Osamoto
  • Cat - Buttersworth

Asashiru [Masaru] -

  • Little Sister (adopted) - Nozomi Shirakawa
  • Distant Cousin - Noriyuki Kobashigawa [Shiroro]
  • Distant Cousin - Naoya Kobashigawa [Anzume]

Civetta [Luca] -

  • Both Parents (though disowned by family) - Valter & Ilenia Ciriello
  • (If he has any siblings by now, he doesn't know) (Gino Ciriello)

Saaya - N/A

Shiroro [Noriyuki] -

  • Both Parents - Atsutane & Riina Kobashigawa
  • Younger Brother - Naoya Kobashigawa [Anzume]
  • Distant Cousin - Masaru Shirakawa [Asashiru]

Anzume [Naoya] -

  • Both Parents - Atsutane & Riina Kobashigawa
  • Older Brother - Noriyuki Kobashigawa [Shiroro]
  • Distant Cousin - Masaru Shirakawa [Asashiru]

Elouan [Noël] -

  • Both Parents - Gaël Soulé & Manon Soulé

Alaelith - N/A

Kuina -

  • Both Parents - Aiolos Iaec Irithura & Rheia Aen Irithura
  • Younger Sisters - Aelmy Fi'a Irithura (Age 10) & Milla Yve Irithura (Age 4)
  • Various Cousins/Aunts/Uncles

Kamil -

  • Father - Alain Reyer

Caius -

  • Both Parents - Ianthe and Korina Roenn
  • Older Sister - Phoibe Roenn

Al Niyat [Ikue] -

  • Mother - Kozue Iseri
  • Older Sister - Honami Iseri

Roche [Nellie] - N/A, she was raised in foster care, but didn't really have a connection like family.

Niliri - N/A, she never knew her parents and was raised by elderly women she'd been given to as a baby.

Rensa [Rhion] -

  • Father - Noah Calitri (Divorced from Wife)
  • Older Brother - Nicolas Calitri
  • Sister in Law - Maya Calitri
  • Niece - Elena Calitri

Novactea [Maeve] -

  • Father - Heath Martin Brooks
  • Younger Brother (1) - Brayden Briar Brooks
  • Younger Brother (2) - Rylan Dirk Brooks
  • Younger Brother (3) - Callum Harper Brooks

9. How does your OC act when they're drunk?
Risru [Kazuo] - Cuddly/Sleepy :: Low Tolerance :: Will Retain Memories
Asashiru [Masaru] - Dumbass, will talk to inanimate objects :: High Tolerance :: Will Not Retain Memories
Civetta [Luca] - Sleepy :: High Tolerance :: Will Retain Memories
Saaya - Cuddly/Silly :: High Tolerance :: Will Retain Memories
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - Bubbly/Silly :: Average Tolerance :: Depends on how much he drinks
Anzume [Naoya] - Doesn't Drink.
Elouan [Noël] - Silly/Touchy :: Average Tolerance :: Depends on how much he drinks
Alaelith - Talky/Clingy :: Low Tolerance :: Will Not Retain Memories
Kuina - Party Animal/Peppy :: Low Tolerance :: Will Not Retain Memories
Kamil - Honest/Emotinal/Cuddly :: Low Tolerance :: Depends on how much he drinks
Caius -
Al Niyat [Ikue] - Cuddly/Silly :: Average Tolerance :: Will Retain Memories
Roche [Nellie] - Bubbly/Cuddly :: Average Tolerance :: Depends on how much she drinks
Niliri - Clingy/Silly :: Low Tolerance :: Depends on how much she drinks
Rensa [Rhion] -
Novactea [Maeve] -

10. What's your OC worried about upon being taken into Elder Tale? If they're a Lander, how do they feel towards the adventurers becoming more real (less like cardboard beings)?
Risru [Kazuo] - His family considering they're all very close, and aren't really ever apart for an overly-extended period of time (even then never without proper notice).
Asashiru [Masaru] - While worried about his company, he's more worried about his little sister, as she's only eight. He had made promises with her to help her with school activities before suddenly being pulled into the game. She has someone there to take care of her, but she's still too young to have to experience such pain.
Civetta [Luca] - There isn't too much he's worried about since Selena is also in the game's world with him, as he personally had no pets. He is worried about how much work Selena will have once they're able to return...
Saaya - Doesn't care! If anything, they got more fun! They'll still buy his stock too which is really all that concerns him in the serious context.
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - A bit worried about his family, mostly due to the fact that his absence may cause issues with their jobs. His little brother will worry moreso than his parents, but Nori is positive he can move on with time.
Anzume [Naoya] - Worried about how is family is dealing with his and his brother's disappearance, he bets they're frantic due to work, but overall is having a fun time in Alvantis and is enjoying the world a lot.
Elouan [Noël] - Worries? He feels perfectly fine being here, he's an adult, and he doubts his parents are all that concerned -- and if they are his disappearance would be something he knows they'd recover from quickly.
Alaelith - He's worried about crowds, and the fact adventurers may make the forest more noisy.
Kuina - He's worried about all the issues that disrupted the city's original inhabitant's way of life -- primarily the Patriai; however, they're fun to prank and he knows they're not all bad people.
Kamil - He's quite content in this world. After all, he has a life to live where he isn't bedridden anymore. He's got his own place, and he isn't a bother to anyone...
Caius - He is worried about the level of discrimination that some Adventurers seem to possess for Landers, acting as if they're not people; however he does realize there are kind Adventurers as well and overall has profited from the Catastrophe with his sales.
Al Niyat [Ikue] - Worried about her mother and sister; they've already all experienced the pain of losing a family member (her father) and doesn't want to put them through such grief again.
Roche [Nellie] - What worries? She's happy to be in the game world! It means she can find treasure, and go on lots of fun adventures with people!
Niliri - She's not especially worried since she hardly knew what the world was like without the adventurers in the first place! She wants to make friends with anyone, Landers or Adventurers!
Rensa [Rhion] - She's not particularly worried, her brother and father are both adults, and they have their own lives to focus on. She's sure they're worried, but they'll be fine eventually if not already.
Novactea [Maeve] - Worried mostly about her little brothers, her father always worked and wasn't really the responsible type so since she's gone now she does worry about how they're doing and if they're going to school, eating properly, and getting to bed on time.


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PostSubject: Re: Character Questions :: BATCH 1   Fri Dec 04, 2015 7:18 pm

1. What's your OC's headcanon voice?
Selena - MARiA [singer]
Hime [Mia] - Maaya Sakamoto [seiyuu]
Akhiko - Junichi Suwabe [seiyuu]
Fionn [Gwyn] - Yusa Kouji [seiyuu]
APO [Aila] - Namie Amuro [singer]
Blade [Itsuki] - Toshiyuki Toyonaga [seiyuu]
Thalia - Miyuki Sawashiro [seiyuu]
Aya - Saori Hayami [seiyuu]
Dianthe - Mamiko Noto [seiyuu]
Rex - Haruka Tomatsu [seiyuu]
Xin - KENN [seiyuu]
Zhura- Eri Kitamura [seiyuu]
Red [Yyteri]- Aimer [singer]
Sarein - Tachibana Shinnosuke [seiyuu]
Tsaiki - Daisuke Ono [seiyuu]
Ash - Risa Taneda [seiyuu]
Felix - Da-Little [utaite]
Tamaki - Mitsuki Saiga [seiyuu]
Sienir - Aoi Yuuki [seiyuu]
Alwin - Shoose [utaite]
Liam - Nobuhiko Okamoto [seiyuu]
Wren - Asami Seto [seiyuu]
Altathe - Kenji Nojima [seiyuu]
Mika - Yoko Hikasa [seiyuu]
Yuli - Sora Amamiya [seiyuu]
Sumire - Daisuke Kishio [seiyuu]

**In order of Deepest to Highest**
OVERALL: Akihiko -> Tsaiki -> Apo -> Selena -> Red -> Tamaki -> Sarein ->Felix -> Fionn -> Thalia ->  Hime -> Blade -> Zhura -> Xin -> Rex -> Aya -> Ash -> Sienir -> Dianthe

2. What's your OC's birthday?
Selena - April 24th
Hime [Mia] - March 14th
Akhiko - July 31st
Fionn [Gwyn] - December 7th
APO [Aila] - April 10th
Blade [Itsuki] - January 1st
Thalia - November 22nd
Aya - May 29th
Dianthe - February 4th
Rex/Xin - It was... maybe a friday in May. Could be a Thursday night.
Zhura- September 19th
Red [Yyteri]- November 11th
Sarein - January 9th
Tsaiki - July 17th
Ash - March 5th
Felix - October 24th
Tamaki - May 19th
Sienir - February 14th
Alwin - February 29th
Liam - July 4th
Wren - May 1st
Altathe - September 12th
Mika - December 21st
Yuli - February 7th
Sumire - November 2nd

3. What's your OC's astrological sign?
Selena - Taurus
Hime [Mia] - Pisces
Akhiko - Leo
Fionn [Gwyn] - Sagittarius
APO [Aila] - Aries
Blade [Itsuki] - Capricorn
Thalia - Sagittarius
Aya - Gemini
Dianthe - Aquarius
Rex/Xin - hiLARIOUSLY ENOUGH, Gemini. Like... seriously.
Zhura- Virgo
Red [Yyteri]- Scorpio
Sarein - Capricorn
Tsaiki - Cancer
Ash - Pisces
Felix - Scorpio
Tamaki - Taurus
Sienir - Aquarius
Alwin - Pisces
Liam - Cancer
Wren - Taurus
Altathe - Virgo
Mika - Capricorn
Yuli - Aquarius
Sumire – Scorpio

4. What's your OC's favorite food?
Selena - Pasta. Chicken Alfredo is her favorite, but she loves ALL pasta.
Hime [Mia] - Pork bowls and other meat+rice foods.
Akhiko - Strawberries, strawberry desserts
Fionn [Gwyn] - He's fond of anything easy to eat while doing stuff. Sandwiches/wraps or like donuts.
APO [Aila] - Liquor/Beer. Its... got calories. It counts. in reality she forgot her favorite food from dying.
Blade [Itsuki] - Chocolate.
Thalia - Crunchy outside, soft inside things. Like Ciabatta bread, croquettes etc.
Aya - Filled donuts, particularly custard or vanilla.
Dianthe - Leimon tarts (Lemon-lime plant)
Rex - Dwarves
Xin - Gemstones
Zhura- Applett (A fruit native to Alvantis, she can't get enough of it.)
Red [Yyteri]- A major sweet tooth, she can eat sugar raw or honey. Honey is her favorite and honey flavored things.
Sarein - His new favorite thing is this thing called a kebab. Meat and vegetables on a stick!? Genius.
Tsaiki - He...used to love bubblegum... but now there's no more bubble gum... He's rather sad and uses taffy as a replacement. It's not the same.
Ash - Meat and curry buns, whoever made those is a GENIUS. Also cheese. Especially fancy cheese, but lots of cheese.
Felix - Shrimp! Deep fried, boiled, covered in things... Almost anyway you can eat shrimp he likes it!
Tamaki - Soba noodle dishes, especially zaru soba.
Sienir - Lemon and lemon flavored things.
Alwin - Blood? Spiced and chopped red meats.
Liam - Pudding, but not banana pudding. Fuck fake banana flavoring. (custards in england, to his great disappointment one year)
Wren – Trail mix… All sorts, the kinds with figs or m&ms or really anything...
Altathe - Smoothies
Mika – Fried vegetables covered in sauces.
Yuli – Loves smashed up, sugar soaked fruits to her great chagrin.
Sumire – Garlic bread.

5. What's your OCs spirit animal?
Selena - Blue Coral Snake
Hime [Mia] - Black Leopard
Akhiko - White Stoat (Ermine?)
Fionn [Gwyn] - Snowshoe hare
APO [Aila] - Polar Bear
Blade [Itsuki] - Blue Ringed Octopus
Thalia - Black Swallowtail Butterfly
Aya - Nekomata (rly)
Dianthe - Fairy Wren (Males coloring)
Rex/Xin - Considering they are humanoid forms of a monstrous amalgamation of Darkness and Bones in an animalistic form I would just go with "Horror" as its spirit animal.
Zhura- Corgi
Red [Yyteri]- Honey Badger
Sarein - Boa Constrictor
Tsaiki - Ragdoll
Ash - Baby Lion
Felix - Fantail Dove
Tamaki - Hedgehog
Sienir - Blackfooted Cat [Kitten]
Alwin -
Liam -
Wren – not a bird
Altathe -
Mika -
Yuli -
Sumire -

6. What's your OC like when they wake up in the morning?
Selena - Grumpy as fuck. She bites people's heads off worse than usual, even when she has her initial pot of coffee in her. Everyone should just say out of her way until she's more manageable.
Hime [Mia] - She doesn't like mornings and can tend to stay curled up around her pillows in bed until the last possible second. When up, she can be a bit absent minded or goofy as her mind tries to fight off sleep.
Akhiko - No matter how much sleep he gets, he's not entirely a morning person. He can fake it, but when he immediately wakes up he's a sleepy bumbling fool and thus likes to sleep alone and wake up alone so no one can see it.
Fionn [Gwyn] - He's a morning person, up and about and ready to greet the day even if he can be a bit yawny and sleepy eyed.
APO [Aila] - Depends on if hungover or not. If hungover, tends to sleep in as much as possible and get grumpy when roused. However if not hungover, is chipper as FUCK and able to greet the dawn if she wants.
Blade [Itsuki] - He likes mornings, they have breakfast, even if he sometimes has a bit of trouble getting up.
Thalia - She's tired but it doesn't show. She gets up, does her morning routine and by the time she's done she's awake enough to do things.
Aya - She doesn't.
Dianthe - What are Mornings? Whenever she wakes up she's generally up and about, because she slept until she was fully rested anyways.
Rex - Likes to bite and grumpy.
Xin - Sleepy, hard to get up because he likes naps.
Zhura- She's pretty good at mornings. She's pretty good at waking up from anything...
Red [Yyteri]- She's kind of a morning person. She can get up well enough, though sometimes she'll be sleepy and yawn a lot. She misses coffee, tea isn't a good enough replacement.
Sarein - He's a happy ball of sunshine when he wakes up :D Which is usually afternoons because work takes up the night.
Tsaiki - He doesn't really like them, but he'll wake up groggy because he needs to unless its the morning after a heist.
Ash - Gets up good because she has to, but would totally sleep in till noon if she could. Kind of really drowsy for a while until she perks up though.
Felix - He likes seeing the sunrise, but will roll over and go back to sleep for a bit longer before he gets up. He can be chipper in the mornings, but he's not really too much of a morning person
Tamaki - Doesn't get up, lays in bed for hours and then gets up around noon. If forced up before that point, is grumpy as shit and stoically silent.
Sienir - Kind of sleepy, drowsy eyed and a little hard to full adjust to wakefulness even if she functions enough to not be useless. All bets are off if she finds a warm sunbeam though, then she might pass out again.
Alwin – Is supremely drowsy, wobbling around and dressing himself wrong if the sun is up. It makes it hard to focus and wake up… If he wakes up at night it’s marginally better, but he can be known to flop over and go back to sleep if he has nothing to do.
Liam – He’s okay as long as he doesn’t need to function right away, so he wakes himself up a little earlier than some people so he’s ready by normal people times.
Wren – She honestly is not great, but she can wake up faster if she has something to look forward to. Then she’ll be up at the crack of dawn.
Altathe – He’s chipper and perky
Mika – She’s up before even the cooking staff, she only sleeps on average 5 hours a night and yet wakes up perfectly fine and capable with no issues even if she isn’t really a morning person in that she likes them.
Yuli – Doesn’t like them but has to get up so does it because of practice, she can be a bit snappish but calms down after a bit.
Sumire – Grumpy, very grumpy.

7. What's your OC's favorite season?
Selena - Fall. No mud, but warm enough for sweaters and leggings.
Hime [Mia] - Winter. Cold and layers are her favorite, scarfs and everything just over top of her clothes is the best feeling.
Akhiko - He likes summer and warm water to float around in, swimmings really nice. Though he can stand colder water too...
Fionn [Gwyn] - Spring and summer, all the plants are out and blooming. Such pretty riots of colors make him happy.
APO [Aila] -  Winter. SNOW MAKES FOR TREACHEROUS FIGHTING, THUS MAKING IT MORE EXCITING. Also Christmas is fucking awesome holy shit.
Blade [Itsuki] - Spring, he likes how it warms up and how the plants all come out early. Plus he's always been a sucker for cherry blossom viewing and normally convinces his mom to take him to see it.
Thalia - Spring, she likes the slowing down of rain without the heat of summer.
Aya - Dislikes them all for various reasons, but appreciates summer the best.
Dianthe - No season, hasn't seen them in a long time. She does like watching snow and rain fall so Winter?
Rex/Xin - Every season?
Zhura- Winter
Red [Yyteri]- Autumn, red leaaaves everywheere. In some places.
Sarein - Spring
Tsaiki - Summer
Ash - Winter, her pajamas are way more comfier then.
Felix - Spring and Summer! All the blooming plaaants!
Tamaki - Fall, it's nice out and no real issues with rain or snow yet.
Sienir - Summer! It's warm and sunny and she sunbathes all the time, normally falling asleep.
Alwin - Spring
Liam – Winter, he likes layers and snowflakes and twelve foot high snowdrifts.
Wren - Fall
Altathe – Summer, its warm and pretty.
Mika – Doesn’t really prefer any, but if forced to pick fall.
Yuli – Spring, she likes riots of color.
Sumire – Fall

8. How many family members does your OC have?
Selena - HAHAHAHA. All dead.

Hime [Mia] - Kaimu Fujihana - Her father and pretty much best friend. She's worried mostly that he's driving himself into a worried fever over her missing, if she even IS missing. Itsuki Fujihana - Her little brother, he's pretty attached to her and so she's worried he's taking this all bad because she's gone. Lakshmi Fujihana - Her stepmother, she's not really worried about her but moreso assuming that the woman has things as much under control as she could. They have a close, but very trusting relationship.

Akhiko - Miyako Ikehara [Mother], Hibiki Ikehara [Father], Chiyuki Ikehara [Little sister]

Fionn [Gwyn] - Father (Izaak) // 1 older sister (Khrystyna, 8 years older) // 1 older brother (Kostyantyn, 5 years older) // 2 younger sisters (Aeron, 4 years younger) and (Liselotte, 7 years younger) // 1 younger brother (Trystan, 10 years younger). Like 16 various nieces and nephews. Older sister has 5, older brother has 6 (from two marriages). First younger sister has 3, second younger has 1 and younger brother has 1. The oldest niece/nephew is 18 (niece), the youngest (niece) was born right before the Catastrophe. Mother died when he was ten, stepmother died three years ago.

APO [Aila] - Apo came into the world fully formed and as Apo. How dare you assume any lesser beings could be even remotely related to her. Maybe the Sun itself? [Parents]

Blade [Itsuki] -]Mia Fujihana - He's worried about his big sister, mostly in context of the fact that he's pretty sure she's stuck in this world. But not too much worry, she'd been playing a while so he's pretty sure she's fine. Lakshmi Fujihana - Itsuki's not really too worried about his parents, but mostly worries about his mother more right now. She's got lots of important work, if he disappeared he's sure that'd disrupt it and that'd be bad. Kaimu Fujihana - Honestly, Itsuki's just glad he can't hear his dad's whining about their disappearances right now. He misses him, but is just relieved.

Thalia - All dead.

Aya - Shitty parents. No siblings.

Dianthe - None

Rex/Xin -
None. They might occasionally use the term siblings or 'brother/sister' but they really aren't.

Zhura- Two sisters and a brother. All in Alvantis, because she was adopted in. Her parents in the real world.

Red [Yyteri]- An only child, but her parents are in the old world and loads of cousins and aunts and uncles.

Sarein - Has a younger sister, also adopted and two moms.

Tsaiki - An only child, his mom is in the old world and he's scared she's worried.

Ash - Only Child, her mother is dead and her father mysterious absent.

Felix - An older sister in this world, two parents in the old world, divorced.

Tamaki - An only child, just parents really.

Sienir - Mother and Father and eight younger siblings. 4 are illegitimate half siblings.

Alwin – Naki, but she’s far far away...

Liam – His mother, Alayne, and his father, Niall.

Wren – A mother and 3 step sisters ().

Altathe - ????????

Mika - Parents are dead but Adopted Parents and adopted siblings.

Yuli - Twin sister back in the normal world, estranged from parents.

Sumire - A mother and a father.

9. How does your OC act when they're drunk?
Selena - I hate to admit it, but she's a very erm... sexually insistant drunk. However she's well aware she'd drunk, knowing she's acting out but doesn't really give a fuck. She's also very eloquent and other than her stumbling around randomly or attempt to strip someone, it can be hard to tell she's not just being very wry and open. Selena's tolerance is very, very, high and she'll normally remember everything the next day or anything. Its impossible for her to get blackout drunk.
Hime [Mia] - Mia has a strong tolerance to alcohol, but when drunk is absurdly awful. Well in that she likes to strip and run around, generally being a nuisance to everyone. Her father banned her from all drinking after a party one year with her stepmother's friends. (They were all amused, Kaimu not so much...)
Akhiko - A flirt, but a happy one. He's got a decent tolerance to it, but doesn't like being drunk because he blacks out and then things happen that he doesn't remember.
Fionn [Gwyn] - Fionn tends to get drunk easily, but he mostly just likes to snuggle up to others because he likes to be warm and touched. He'll generally remember what happened, unless he drank too much. Then his memories might get patchy.
APO [Aila] - Apo when drunk is just a louder, more boistrous Apo. Also one more like to be naked due to, and I quote "FUCK CLOTHES THEY JUST GET IN THE WAY OF MOVING". She remembers everything and also has an absurdly strong tolerance to it, so she has to drink tons more to even feel it.
Blade [Itsuki] - He's a lightweight and tends to fall asleep almost immediately. He's such a boring drunk.
Thalia - Smiles sweetly and agrees with everything.
Aya - Moody, antisocial, generally pissy.
Dianthe - Depressive air, unhappiness, likes to lay around.
Rex/Xin -  The mere thought of someone getting these two drunk horrifies me and worries me. Lets not, 'kay?
Zhura- Tipsy, likes to flop around. Doesn't like to move, might try to make others move her around.
Red [Yyteri]- She likes to sleep it off, but likes to dance when drunk.
Sarein - Goes one of two ways, when he's tipsy and stuff he's a riot and fun. When he gets too drunk he gets darker and kind of scary. Some peopel find it sexy, some peopel decide he's best not to mess with.
Tsaiki - Dopey and affectionate.
Ash - Boastful and affectionate, likes to make grandiose statements while on top of tables before devolving into fits of giggles. Can be found attempting to get people to dance with her or carry her around on their shoulders.
Felix - He's kind of a sleepy drunk, it's hard to keep him fully awake but he'll lay there half aware and comment on things with his eyes closed.
Tamaki - They are kind of a mellow drunk, prone to commenting and doing things without seemingly being drunk. Until they try to walk... More prone to doing as suggested and falling for stupid ideas.
Sienir - ???
Alwin – Very very touchy and then after a certain point he just sort of wobbles to a half awake pile.
Liam – He is so flirty he flirts and compliments everything. His beer glass, the person sitting next to him, the wall. A particularly lovely lamp, a signed picture of an Elvis impersonator. Has been known to try and steal kisses… or kiss the object he’s flirting with. Does not drink. At all.
Wren – Thinks she can handle alcohol, can’t handle alcohol but thinks she’s sober and tends to try and do sober people things like walk and not run into walls while saying she’s fine. Will compliment everyone in the bar/room/party on something.
Altathe – Gets very very dark and depressed.
Mika – Very bubbly and chats away with everyone, has the best times and can be the life of the party.
Yuli – Has existential crisis's and questions the meaning of life with anyone she can. Gets into long nonsensical conversations with others about it.
Sumire - >_>; Much like Selena, wants to crawl in bed with someone and have fun. He doesn’t drink enough to get drunk ever.

10. What's your OC worried about upon being taken into Elder Tale? If they're a Lander, how do they feel towards the adventurers becoming more real (less like cardboard beings)?
Selena - She's mostly worried about her pets and Luca, not really caring too much about her work or any others. Selena's not exactly a popular friend, after all.
Hime [Mia] - There's too much to count. She's worried about her brother and father and stepmom, her few friends at school, her classes, the other people stuck in the world with her (especially the younger players or newer ones that joined due to a new expansion).
Akhiko - He's worried about what the hell the Adventurers are doing. Why are they like this? What's going on? Why are they all freaking out? As someone who loves to know all sorts of things, especially secrets and information, he's really interested in these changes.
Fionn [Gwyn] - Gwyn is seriously worried about the world at large. What caused this? How do they keep people from panicking? How do they deal with this new world? He's not really worried about people left behind, his parents are older and set as are his older and younger siblings.
APO [Aila] - Apo aint worried about shit, yo. Maybe worried that the amount of fighting vs how many people will be willing, will go down...?
Blade [Itsuki] - Itsuki's not really too worried other than being a bother and interrupting his parent's work. He trusts everyone to be able to handle themselves, and is having too much fun to really look at the consequences.
Thalia - They...they are so lively. And their fashion senses suck, overall. But they really should come to the shop more, she'd be happy to help them find things.
Aya - She both loves and hates it. The new interesting things to do are amazing and keep her from soul eating boredom, but also she misses all the things she did in the old world. Singing/dancing, going to parties, playing games and reading books... None of it exists like it did in the old world. She is happy to be away from work though...
Dianthe - She's very very intrigued and curious about them, wondering where they came from and how and where and what all those new words mean and why they had food that tasted - etc etc
Rex/Xin -  They are glad their new munchies properly scream when devoured, boring not-screams are not fun. So they have to be careful to make the screaming happen by-Oh >_> thats not on topic anymore.
Zhura- She's mostly worried about the new family she has. Her old family wasn't the closest and she likes the world a lot.
Red [Yyteri]- She's enjoying it in the way you would a vacation, but starting to get a twinge worried about her parents. Not enough to be too freaked out, considering she was going away to trade school soon, but... Still a bit weirded out not seeing them.
Sarein - He has made enough off of adventurers with his price gouging to retire and live a happy life. Needless to say he likes them.
Tsaiki - He's really, really worried about his mom, but is trying his best to hide it.
Ash - She's pretty worried about the power imbalances in place in both the city and the mines, also a little upset at the adventurers in the city for chasing her family's business and thus them out and therefore ending her mother's life.
Felix - He's worried for his mom, but also a bit worried about how his sister is taking it considering she's always off doing something to keep her busy.
Tamaki - Mostly worried about their past, being a shithead and all, and wondering how to just ignore all that and make a new life without worries.
Sienir - She's not really got a frame of reference, the Adventurers were alive when she woke up with no memories so she's just going with the flow here.
Alwin – Doesn’t really care, they are interesting he guesses?
Liam – He’s worried about his parents, but moreso work because now he’s working in a way different field than he ever thought possible and its terrifying.
Wren – Slushies… She doesn’t seem to be too worried about it? Seems to have calmly adapted.
Altathe – They are interesting but worry Akihiko, so he calmly and patiently watches them all and records what he learns.
Mika - ???? Those things? They kind of know tons of weird stuff, she kind of hopes she could one day get a hold of a few of them for studying.
Yuli – She’s worried about her sister, her work, her life, pretty much everything back in the old world.
Sumire – Erm they don’t seem to need as much stuff he knows or sells so… Whatever?


✿ Once Upon a Time...✿

✧・゚:*✧・゚:* (◕‿◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
✿ Fionn ✧ Hime ✧ Altathe ✧ Selena ✧ Liam ✧ Ash ✧ Blade ✧ Aya ✧ Rexin ✧ Apo ✧ Aki ✧ Sienir ✿
✿ Zhura ✧ Tamaki ✧ Thalia ✧ Tsaiki ✧ Dianthe ✧ Sarein ✧ Red ✧ Alwin ✧ Mikaela ✧ Felix ✧ Wren ✿

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PostSubject: Re: Character Questions :: BATCH 1   Fri Dec 04, 2015 8:08 pm

1. What's your OC's headcanon voice?

B1az31tL0rd420 [Gerald] - Todd Haberkorn
The Frizz [Brenda] - Kathleen Zuelch
Morgana [Narubi] - Colleen Clinkenbeard
Yuilad [Yui] - Makoto Furukawa

2. What's your OC's birthday?

B1az31tL0rd420 [Gerald] - April 20th
The Frizz [Brenda] - October 19th
Morgana [Narubi] - January 9th
Yuilad [Yui] - July 13th

3. What's your OC's astrological sign?

B1az31tL0rd420 [Gerald] - Taurus
The Frizz [Brenda] - Libra
Morgana [Narubi] - Capricorn
Yuilad [Yui] - Gemini

4. What's your OC's favorite food?

B1az31tL0rd420 [Gerald] - A great big Caesar salad with grilled chicken
The Frizz [Brenda] - Steak. The more burnt, the better. Just not charred.
Morgana [Narubi] - Piri Piri Chicken, just like mom used to make
Yuilad [Yui] - Don't tell my parents, but it's the teriyaki steak strips that they make. That stuff is ridiculously good...

5. What's your OCs spirit animal?

B1az31tL0rd420 [Gerald] - A Pooto ("shut up I think they're neat. Silly muppet birds")
The Frizz [Brenda] - A Wallaby. They never stop growing, so the older the bigger (therefore better)
Morgana [Narubi] - ...Whale Shark.
Yuilad [Yui] - Sea turtles, really. There was a pod that hung out around our home once, it was pretty cool.

6. What's your OC like when they wake up in the morning?

B1az31tL0rd420 [Gerald] - He's awake enough to talk to, but you're not getting anything profound out of him until a bit after breakfast.
The Frizz [Brenda] - Is basically a zombie until she has her coffees. That's right. Coffees.
Morgana [Narubi] - From when she wakes up in the morning until she goes back to sleep, Morgana's the same quiet, paranoid person.
Yuilad [Yui] - Just five more minutes...

7. What's your OC's favorite season?

B1az31tL0rd420 [Gerald] - Autumn is pretty great. Just starting to get chill without freezing your bones.
The Frizz [Brenda] - YEAH SUMMER. Everybody outside, all the field trips, all the ADVENTURE!!!
Morgana [Narubi] - ...Spring
Yuilad [Yui] - Winter's not half bad. It doesn't change much on the island, but it's less blistering hot.

8. How many family members does your OC have?

B1az31tL0rd420 [Gerald] - Is an only child, but his mom and dad are still alive. Has a pretty close-knit family.
The Frizz [Brenda] - Has an older sister and a younger brother, but they live pretty far away. They keep track with Skype, etc. Parents are alive but old, and off doing old people adventures to mark stuff off of their bucket list.
Morgana [Narubi] - Has three brothers and sisters, but they don't talk to her much or come around to visit. Her mother passed away years ago, and she doesn't speak to her dad.
Yuilad [Yui] - Is an only child, and happy. He'd hate for his parents to Japan-ify another poor kid. He also hung out with his uncle at his boat shop from time to time.

9. How does your OC act when they're drunk?

B1az31tL0rd420 [Gerald] - He's only been drunk once, but when he was he was absolutely talkative as hell. He'd hang off of people and chat their ear off about all sorts of biochemistry, which still isn't all that interesting even when drunk.
The Frizz [Brenda] - PARTY DRUNK You're gonna have a good time, and YOU'RE gonna have a good time!
Morgana [Narubi] - Is actually very amorous when she gets drunk, which is also why she doesn't drink anymore.
Yuilad [Yui] - Has never been drunk, but if he ever did he would be a very laughy drunk

10. What's your OC worried about upon being taken into Elder Tale? If they're a Lander, how do they feel towards the adventurers becoming more real (less like cardboard beings)?

B1az31tL0rd420 [Gerald] - Hahahaha, every single person he ever played near probably hates his guts. That's his biggest most pressing fear. Also no-one around to feed his fish.
The Frizz [Brenda] - Keeping everyone under control. If they all panic, no-one's gonna want to adventure or learn or anything ;-;
Morgana [Narubi] - ...going back
Yuilad [Yui] - I mean, I'm not feeling sick anymore? My girlfriend was playing same time I was so, she's probably in here too, and I'm away from my parents? Uh... I guess some jerks are around?

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PostSubject: Re: Character Questions :: BATCH 1   Tue Jan 31, 2017 4:57 pm

1. What's your OC's headcanon voice?
I am a pleb, who has none for them.  I am sorry.

2. What's your OC's birthday?
Kazuki - September 1st
Yamato - July 27th
Hua - December 10th
Phaedra - January 18th
Manami - October 5th
Izumi - May 31st
Percy - August 1st
Beck - December 2nd

3. What's your OC's astrological sign?

Kazuki - Virgo
Yamato - Leo
Hua - Sagittarius
Phaedra - Capricorn
Manami - Libra
Izumi - Gemini
Percy - Leo
Beck - Sagittarius

4. What's your OC's favorite food?

Kazuki - Fresh Sushi.
Yamato - He gets by on anything, but he really is partial to a fine steak.
Hua - Strawberry tart. She actually thinks people taste okay at best.
Phaedra - Blood ;>_>. Officially though? Any kind of meat.
Manami - Chicken noodle soup.
Izumi - Any kind of seasoned meat. The spicier the better, though she prefers chicken.
Percy - Feesh.
Beck - Lunch meats. She loves sandwiches, really.

5. What's your OCs spirit animal?

Kazuki - Mongoose
Yamato - Basilisk
Hua - Giant Fruit Bat
Phaedra - Blue Jay
Manami - Meerkat
Izumi - Shiba doggo.
Percy - Come on.  Really?
Beck - The Crocodile! She knows it, too!

6. What's your OC like when they wake up in the morning?

Kazuki - He rolls around trying to get five more minutes of sleep for as many "five-more-minutes" as he can get.
Yamato - Likes to get up early, but clearly doesn't function well, making a completely stony, stoic expression for the first hour or so.  Usually likes to "meditate" which really just means he's not ready to do things.
Hua - Actually a morning person. She enjoys getting up and making her way around the woods or town, wherever she may be.  Enjoys brisk morning exercise.  That doesn't mean she doesn't sleep in late often as well, since she's often up late.
Phaedra - She doesn't.
Manami - Manami enjoys mornings but doesn't like to actually do anything.  She prefers to sit in bed and do some reading, have some coffee.  Ideally coffee prepared by someone else.
Izumi - She curls into a blanket coccoon, resisting all attempts to wake her.  Since coming to the city, she sometimes will get up early but is then cranky the rest of the day.
Percy - He has an almost OCD like ritual of things to accomplish when he wakes up.  It's not actually OCD as he just happens to do them the exact same way every day.
Beck - Beck is moody in a silent way, growling slightly at anyone and anything she has to interact with until she wakes up, which takes about an hour.

7. What's your OC's favorite season?

Kazuki - Summer
Yamato - Autumn
Hua - Autumn
Phaedra - Winter
Manami - Spring
Izumi - Spring
Percy - Spring
Beck - Fall

8. How many family members does your OC have?

Kazuki & Yamato - Two. Each other and their mother.  Their father died years ago and no branch families were really... permitted.  Their mother had to give up her family ties when she married into the royal family.
Hua - Has a mother back home she was eager to escape from.  No other family, though she is somehow still receiving letters from her mother (even in the woods) asking when Hua will give her a grandchild.
Phaedra - Unfortunately has a mother, who is also somewhere (relatively) distant and eager to contact her.  It's a much less amicable situation, though.
Manami - Had two parents and an older sibling she loved but wasn't particularly close to since she'd moved out for college.  She still misses them sometimes though.
Izumi - Her parents, two siblings, her uncle and aunt on her papa's side, and her cousins. So eight that she's in touch with.
Percy - Who even knows.
Beck - Two parents she was relatively close to and a half sibling who she only sees at holidays.

9. How does your OC act when they're drunk?

Kazuki - Kazuki becomes giggly and handsy, eager to become the center of attention and generally making an ass of himself, albeit he usually manages to entertain.
Yamato - Is an angry drunk and knows it, so he rarely drinks.  At best he gets quiet and his mood is depressed somewhat.
Hua - Has three phases of drunkenness. At phase one, she maintains enough control that nobody can tell she's drunk, giving the illusion that she can hold liquor better than she can.  Then she becomes very physically affectionate and may attempt to seduce nearby things.  If more alcohol is consumed she then decides that the nearest flat surface is a good bed.
Phaedra - Gets loud, boisterous and somewhat lecherous.  She often makes an ass of herself, earning the praise of other boisterous drunks, but the ire and disgust of any barmaids nearby.  Getting drunk enough frequently ends with her sitting somewhere moping at herself.
Manami - Becomes a bit silly, finding almost everything funny and making a lot of jokes, though she remains calm.  She is particularly susceptible to being convinced to dance while drunk.
Izumi - Has only ever had wine at family events, can't remember what she was like because it was all sort of blurry.  Acts essentially like any teenager would while drunk, which is to say stupid.
Percy - Percy begins singing.  I shit you not, he sings.
Beck - She acts rather silly, though still like herself. She doesn't talk much more than normal, but does get loud. She is also extremely cuddly when drunk.

10. What's your OC worried about upon being taken into Elder Tale? If they're a Lander, how do they feel towards the adventurers becoming more real (less like cardboard beings)?

Kazuki - He was unsure about Adventurers at first, though time spent with Ikue has taught them they're really just regular people, for the most part.  
Yamato - Pays them very little heed, although he does think of many of them as foolishly egotistical.  Some are alright, though...
Hua - Hasn't had much chance to interact with them.  She does like Adventurer criminals though because they provide a lot of blood and she doesn't even need to permanently kill anyone to feed on them.  They are trickier though, since they poof if she kills them before feeding.
Phaedra - Doesn't dislike adventurers and finds some of them fine, though on the whole she doesn't trust them as far as she can throw them.  She's keeping an open mind about the whole thing though and recognizes that most of them are fine and the Admins may be a boon for the city.  She likes to stay wary about these things, however.
Manami - Misses her home sometimes.  Definitely misses the luxuries of modern living.  She's still toying with ways to replicate air conditioning.  She misses her family though on some level it hasn't set in that she might actually not see them again, so emotionally she's treating the situation like travelling abroad.  Otherwise, she's caught up in a new lease on life, so to speak.
Izumi - Is curious about the adventurers for certain, but hasn't interacted with them much or seen a lot of how they affect society since she was removed from it primarily, before the Catastrophe.
Percy - All of his wildest dreams have come true.
Beck - The lack of technology mostly. There's no conveniences, no video games, no air conditioning. Why?
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Character Questions :: BATCH 1
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