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A private, invite only RP based loosely on the Log Horizon series.
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 FAQ & Site Information

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PostSubject: FAQ & Site Information   FAQ & Site Information I_icon_minitimeThu May 14, 2015 2:45 am


----- :: FAQ & SITE INFORMATION :: -----


Welcome to The Fairy Lands, below you'll find important information you may want to brush up on if you have an interest in sticking around, as well as some important questions we often see asked upon those that are new to the series in which we're role playing. If you have any other questions not listed below that you think may benefit everyone else, let us know! We're here to help, and make this a fun experience for everyone!

  • What is Log Horizon?
    Log Horizon is an anime/manga/light novel series where the protagonist, Shiroe, and many other characters are players of the popular MMO by the name of Elder Tale. One day, after the game had updated, those that logged on around that time were sucked into the very world of which they were players of!

    Now inhabitants of the game's world as the characters they created, Shiroe and the others must learn to survive and manage their lives in a world that was previously purely fictional to them. Combating monsters, and other players, going on quests, and raids, and even creating a livable economy for everyone are just a small fraction of the many things their new lives have in store for them.

  • Do I need to watch or read the Log Horizon series to join?
    Reading or watching Log Horizon does certainly help when it comes to basic information, but the simplest answer would be -- no, it's not a requirement to have seen the series. We have plenty of members that have never seen the series and still have a lot of fun with the RP! When it comes to the RP, we have write ups of all the critical information a player may need to know.

  • Why fairies?
    Head Admin [The Arch Kitty] was inspired by fairy tabletop RPG and thus worked to incorporate them into this one. It's also a method that makes running the RP in character easier for the admins.

  • This isn't like the server in canon, what's going on?
    This server is a separate server from the original canon one in Log Horizon. Unlike canon, this one contains players from around the world, and already an established Government due to admins originally placed in charge of the server when it was being created.

    Information about the Landers becoming like real people was quickly discovered and announced to players as soon as possible -- as well as the knowledge about food having no taste.

    Because of this, the RP's sever quickly gained some advancements and knowledge that took canon longer to discover. However in the same vein there are some problems and advancements that will take longer to discover and deal with. This server resembles Manami more than Akiba in that aspect.

  • Who runs this place?
    The Arch Kitty - Head Admin of the RP -- The plot organizer and person to look over new character profiles. She gives the okays for profiles to be used, and tends to remember who has what characters for help with plots and other such things! Also apparently the site Mom, because she makes sure people post if they need to, as well as working on behind the scenes canon for the site as per the rest of the admins. The Admin Characters The Arch Kitty is in control of are :: Selena A. [Selena Archiagott] | Fionn [Gwyn Mathews] | Thalia

    Rukuya - Handles a lot of the day to day work such as updating topics/member lists, enforces rules or brings them up and helps keep the site canon coherent and the topics themselves nice looking! She loves to post and make plots (especially admin based plots behind the scenes). Always willing to post, but has problems asking for threads so if you want to post with her please let her know she'll typically always accept. The Admin Character Rukuya is in control of is :: Risru [Kazuo Osamoto]

    Irish - Newbie Administrator, he's still learning the ropes but is a hard worker! He helps with ideas, getting ideas sorted out and put into place as well as finding issues or places we need to shore up the site. Irish is friendly, thoughtful and good with profiles and posting while doing his best to make sure the people on the site play smoothly together. The Admin Character Irish is in control of is :: The Frizz [Brenda]

  • What's the general gender userbase for Elder Tales?
    Overall, Elder Tales was played by many more male players in comparison to female players. So female players were actually a bit rare to see. Consequently, it wasn't uncommon for a female player to receive pestering or even sexual harassment at times in game.

    Unfortunately, it seemed to only increase further after the events of the Catastrophe. It was part of the problem initially and continues to be a pain in the side of the government and any workers

    Note :: This is just general IC information for you when perhaps creating your character. Actual sexual harassment of players and such will not be tolerated.

  • Why no stats? I like numbers.
    Stats can be a bit frustrating at times, and not everyone is good with them. Here we like to take it easy since a lot of us have really busy lives and mostly RP to relax and enjoy ourselves without stress. So if you're looking for a purely stat-based, serious RP this might not be the best place for you.

  • Can I be *insert actual log horizon character*?
    Simply put, no. All characters here are originally created, and while none of the canonical characters will be making an appearance, they do still exist in this world. For more information as to where they are, and why they are unplayable please refer to The World and Setting.

  • How does gold work and what coins are there?
    With spending, it's just a simple way to show the character going through the works of being in the game's world, and much like the real world -- food, items, ingredients, and housing can cost money just like it would in real life, or in most RPGs.

    10G a day is a simple and easy amount to spend -- as Inn's and food can cost around that much on a normal occasion. Armor, and weapons, and other such items one can equip may cost a bit more -- standard armor items for example may cost around 600G so for mid-level adventurers with some experience it isn't a huge loss.

    It's normal for an adventurer to carry several hundred gold or so on them, newer adventurers may carry a bit less. As such, an amount like 50k is a lot for an adventurer to have.

  • Is there anyway to get into contact with other characters yours might know across distances?
    Yes! The telepathy feature of the game stayed, the voice chat function really, which allows talking across long distances with those on the same server as you. You both have to be on each other's friends list, which requires seeing each other in person, but you can do it whenever you want!

    The message chat function, however, has not carried over unfortunately so the only way to talk to others like that is through snail mail.

  • I see this site frequently uses faceclaims for most characters, how do I know if the faceclaim I want to use is available?
    That's easy! We've made a thread dedicated to faceclaims already in use so new members won't have to worry! For convenience, here's a quick link to it! If you decide on a faceclaim upon joining the site, please do post in that thread so everyone can know that that faceclaim is taken.

  • I have a weird character idea, but I'm not sure it fits in the world... What do I do?
    Well! You're in luck, as long as we can find some work around this site is super willing to adjust and work with things. As long as it doesn't involve meta or powergaming, we don't mind shifting Canon a bit to allow more freedom and flexibility! Unfortunately, due to the fact that is a laid back RPing site, there will be minor problems or shifts from the original canon. We aren't, after all, one person building a world all on our own with total control. Everyone is building it together and we'd rather someone have a bit more freedom as to what they can and can't do for the most fun.

    Because that's literally what we care about most, people enjoying themselves and coming up with fun things to do.

  • Speaking of ideas, how many characters can I have?
    As many as you want! No really, go wild. Use them as little or as much as you want to, within reason. We're not saying you have to use every character you make, but if you create some sort of large connection and hubbub around a particular one but then decide to neglect it without telling the people tied up in that plotline... Then that would be a problem.
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FAQ & Site Information
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