The Fairy Lands

A private, invite only RP based loosely on the Log Horizon series.
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 About the Site

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PostSubject: About the Site   Fri Nov 27, 2015 9:54 pm

Hello! This is Head Admin Kitty here. I made the site after urgings from friends and since I love Log Horizon it was a good choice!

I'm more used to running Bleach sites, so bear with me and the other Admin as we adjust to new ways and learn what works. Aaanyways here's the basic information of the site.

The Fairy Lands is a Log Horizon based roleplaying site!

Log Horizon is an anime, manga and Light Novel/Web Series. The Wikipedia description for it is as follows:

Wikipedia wrote:
The series follows the strategist, Shiroe, and the other players of the long-lived MMORPG Elder Tales after they find themselves whisked away into the game world following a game update.

What that means for this site is that it's based entirely on that premise! Your characters are either former game NPCs called Landers or the Adventurers which are the former players of the game who are now trapped in a new world.

What makes this site merely based on the Log Horizon one is that we won't be set in Japan or any of the previous places already in the game. None of the Canon Characters of the series can or will show up! We are using the Log Horizon world and setting as a base, but will be adjusting canon to fit whatever we end up doing here!

However unlike a true MMO based RP site, we are not entirely stat based. Currently things aren't entirely set up in some ways and stats aren't entirely important other than to help proper rping. This is more a story or character driven site, more about having fun writing characters and stories together or alone!

If someone's looking for a heavy fighting, heavy stat based site... Well, this isn't the site for you. It'd be best you leave and find somewhere you can enjoy better, I'm sorry to say.

Please enjoy the site and give suggestions for better layouts or anything! Its still a work in progress and we're looking for better ways to organize things or organize the profiles so any help helps us in the long run. As long as its nicely said...


✿ Is it really so bad being alone?  ✿

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About the Site
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