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A private, invite only RP based loosely on the Log Horizon series.
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 Festival of Earth

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PostSubject: Festival of Earth   Fri Aug 05, 2016 12:14 am


----- :: Festival of Earth :: -----


What better a time to beat the heat! The time for the Earth Festival has arrived, and it's around this time of year that those of Alvantis celebrate and wish for a healthy and extravagant harvest of the year's crops.

Celebration rings throughout the city as people come from far and wide to sell their wares and crops they'd saved up all year for this week-long event. With this festival, plenty of contests, shows, and special events are held for anyone that wishes to take part in the activities and have a good time.

Plenty of these events, thanks to the protection given by hired guards, take place outside the city close to the ocean coves.

Between nobility and the regular citizens, money is generally thrown around as people splurge and buy themselves goodies ranging from top quality crops to special outfits prepared solely for the festival.

Despite the heat, this festival marks the time many people plan their weddings around, or have matchmaking events since it's at a time where there is less concern over the Fairy of Luck's potential blessings.

Around this time, certain monsters spawn -- or at least, in game they were supposed to. These monsters are made of odd, gem-like substances that turn the emerald trees of the forest into literal emerald unless stopped -- however, the number of these monsters has increased considerably. The gems they burst into upon defeat help the forest and spread the monster's gemplant essence around to allow the forest to flourish and grow.

The only part of the monster that is not absorbed by the forest is the spherical core and it's worth quite a lo tby connoisseurs due to its magical properties and various lovely colors (some rarer than others), as well as its ability to be carved into complex shapes while still not breaking that easily if one lacks the proper tools.

Someone with a lot of these could stand to earn a pretty penny or some rare items if they so wished~


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Festival of Earth
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