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A private, invite only RP based loosely on the Log Horizon series.
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 Site Rules!

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The ArchKitty
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PostSubject: Site Rules!   Thu May 14, 2015 4:31 am

Site Rules
1. No Flaming. This is a bannable offense
2. No Trolling or Baiting. These are as well.
3. Spamming shall be kept to a minimum unless the topic calls for it. Failure to do so will result in a punishment.
4. If one must criticize then do so constructively. If you flame or rip into someone for being wrong or because their idea isn't fully formed, or if they are a poor writer then you shall be punished plain and simple. If you must criticize then help them.
5. No members under the age of 16 shall be allowed.
6. No powergaming or Godmodding please. Controlling another's character should not happen at all, unless the person gives express permission.

Here is a good write up on these and how to avoid them!

7. Members of this forum are required to be at least sixteen years of age. There are times where things on this forum may be deemed inappropriate for a younger audience, and that is a responsibility the staff chooses to not take on. Any underage members will be removed. This is put in twice, so that potential members can definitely never say they didn't see it.

8. If you're absent from the RP without warning for over a month please understand that your character may be scrapped, and moved to the staff bin. This is simply a precaution so active member's characters will not have to be held up by people that no longer wish to be active.

If you plan on going away for awhile, that's absolutely fine! Just give us all a heads up so those you post with will know!

Sexually Explicit Material
Sexually explicit posts are not forbidden. The staff just asks that you put any posts with strong sexual language or content in spoilers with a warning informing readers that it is mature content. If this rule if violated your post will be removed and a warning given. Continued violation will result in a three day ban, and if the problem persists you will be permanently banned from the site.

Marking the entire topic is also fine, just as long as there IS a heads up. Anyone reading such topics will be warned when they enter that NSFW content will exist in it.

Tagging in your post when/just before the explicit content begins is also fine, just make sure it's in some sort of obvious manner so those that decide to read know what they're getting into. When completed overall, it's also wise to mark when it ends.

:: NSFW Begins ::
Poster 1 - [Insert NSFW content here]
Poster 2 - [Insert NSFW replied content here]
Poster 1 - [Insert NSFW...]
:: NSFW Ends ::
Character Profiles
When making your characters please make then ORIGINAL. This is an original character role play. You can't play as a canon Log Horizon character, and that goes for other series as well. If you make a character you can use aspects of existing characters to create yours. You can use their image, aspects of their personality, and their fighting style etc. DO NOT make an exact clone of a character.
Any player found doing this will have to remove their character and change them completely. Any one refusing to comply will be dealt with appropriately.

On top of that, given the nature of the site and the world the characters inhabit, it has come to my attention that there are certain situations one may think about making without thinking it through. Due to the possibility of male identifying characters being stuck in female bodies, vice versa (or even the vast array and spectrum of such things), there can be an issue of someone who was Trans* being stuck in the body they felt was right or with other such things issues in dealing with such complex things. If someone decides to do this route, please treat such a character with respect that is deserved and don't go a tacky fanservice or weird kinky route just for kicks, mmkay? Be respectful. We've got a zero tolerance for that kind of bullshit.

Chatbox/Discord Rules
Be respectful of others. Derogatory comments about others on the site will no longer be tolerated in the least. First offense is a 3 hour chatbox ban. Second Offense is a day ban. Third offense will be up to a two day ban of your account. Further than that will be cause for your account to come under scrutiny for permanent banning.
As staff can not be on all the time, chatbox rules can be enforced retroactively. Not to say that things that happened a week ago now will be, but if a staff member gets on and checks the archive, or is shown a screenshot of the event, you CAN AND WILL be punished for it.
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Site Rules!
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