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 Character Questions :: BATCH 3

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PostSubject: Character Questions :: BATCH 3   Sun Jun 18, 2017 11:58 am


----- :: Character Questions - Second Batch :: -----


This is another fun little thing we've done across RPs that people have seemed to enjoy. It lets a player get further into their OCs habits and mind by answers just little trivial questions that profile templates don't always include. It's also a fun way for other players to get to know your characters more out of character!

Like the fanmix activity, this is not required -- it's just a little something you can do while not posting, or busy! If you don't want to, that's perfectly alright! Hopefully you'll enjoy the answers that are put here by others!

That all being said, here's the third batch of questions!

1. If your OC was a Pokemon, what Pokemon would they be?
2. If your OC were a Pokemon trainer, what would their team be?
3. If your OC lived in the Pokemon universe, which region and town would they originate from?
4. Does your OC like the storms?
5. Do your OCs think sex is good/bad? Would they do it casually?
6. If your OCs ran a blog, what type of blog would it be?
7. How many pillows does your OC sleep with?
8. What's a fun fact about your OC (Odd habits, Foods they either like/dislike for odd reasons, Odd Opinions)?
9. What's something silly/embarrassing your OC did as a child that they still recall to this day?
10. Did your OC have an embarrassing nickname they were called growing up? Whether by friends or parents?
11. Why did your OC make the character they did/what were the intentions of the makers of the game for this NPC?
12. Is your character right handed? Left handed? Ambidextrous?


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PostSubject: Re: Character Questions :: BATCH 3   Sun Jun 18, 2017 12:03 pm

1. If your OC was a Pokemon, what Pokemon would they be?
Risru [Kazuo] - Umbreon
Asashiru [Masaru] - Glaceon
Civetta [Luca] - Meowstic [Male]
Saaya - Delcatty [Shiny]
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - Riolu
Anzume [Naoya] - Popplio
Elouan [Noël] - Sneasel
Alaelith - Celebi [Shiny] [The laziest Celebi]
Kuina - Rockruff
Kamil - Silvally
Al Niyat [Ikue] - Cyndaquil
Roche [Nellie] - Emolga
Niliri - Deerling [Winter Ver.]
Rensa [Rhion] - Jolteon

2. If your OC were a Pokemon trainer, what would their team be?
Risru [Kazuo] - Umbreon, Weavile, Zorua, Purugly [Shiny] [The Laziest Purugly to ever exist]
Asashiru [Masaru] - Glaceon, Cryoganal, Alolan Ninetales, Vanillite, Cubchoo, Stufful
Civetta [Luca] - Meowstic (Male), Noctowl, Alakazam, Xatu, Chimecho
Saaya - Delcatty, Skitty, Sandlit
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - Riolu, Swirlix, Arcanine, Lycanroc (Midnight Form, the goofiest Lycanroc alive)
Anzume [Naoya] - Popplio, Eevee, Noibat, Pichu, Buizel
Elouan [Noël] - Sneasel, Cubone, Espeon, Froslass, Sigilyph, Metagross
Alaelith - Snorlax, Phantump, Celebi [Shiny]
Kuina - Rockruff, Snivy, Gallade, Jellicent (Male)
Kamil - Silvally, Decidueye, Flygon, Vaporeon, Swadloon, Mimikyu
Al Niyat [Ikue] - Cyndaquil, Spheal, Clefairy, Reuniclus, Girafarig, Chimecho
Roche [Nellie] - Emolga, Happiny, Lycanroc (Midday Form)
Niliri - Deerling, Eevee, Smeargle, Aipom
Rensa [Rhion] - Jolteon, Politoad, Popplio, Alolan Raichu [Shiny], Swoobat, Liepard

3. If your OC lived in the Pokemon universe, which region and town would they originate from?
Risru [Kazuo] - Unova, Castelia City
Asashiru [Masaru] - Johto, Ecruteak City
Civetta [Luca] - Unova, Nimbasa City
Saaya - Unknown
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - Johto, Ecruteak City
Anzume [Naoya] - Johto, Ecruteak City
Elouan [Noël] - Kalos, Lumiose City
Alaelith - Johto, Ilex Forest
Kuina - Sinnoh, Alamos Town
Kamil - Kalos, Santalune City
Al Niyat [Ikue] - Sinnoh, Celestic Town
Roche [Nellie] - Sinnoh, Canalave City
Niliri - Kalos, Laverre City
Rensa [Rhion] - Johto, Alto Mare

4. Does your OC like the storms?
Risru [Kazuo] - Doesn't really mind them overall, rainfall puts him to sleep rather easily though.
Asashiru [Masaru] - They make going on walks or sitting outside to relax difficult, so he could do without them, but does enjoy the sound of rainfall.
Civetta [Luca] - Storms are an inconvenience overall, not that he really goes outside much...
Saaya - No, he doesn't have a home being a traveler and all, so when it rains he's often caught up in it. If he's in an inn and doesn't end up getting soaked he doesn't mind them, and overall can like the sound of the rain when he tries to sleep.
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - Rain is soothing to listen to, though very strong bursts of lightning can startle him momentarily.
Anzume [Naoya] - He doesn't like storms, they make going outside hard ; - ;
Elouan [Noël] - He prefers light showers, but can be a bit fidgety in heavy storms with lightning.
Alaelith - He is fine with them so long as he has a cave or some shelter to sleep in.
Kuina - Overall doesn't mind storms though bad ones are a bit nerve wracking, but not enough to really frighten him. Storms scare his sisters though so he doesn't really like when it does storm.
Kamil - Storms made his room feel all the more suffocating/stuffy so he doesn't really like them.
Al Niyat [Ikue] - She's terrified of storms, and even the slightest hint of thunder will make her anxious.
Roche [Nellie] - She likes them! She can splash in the puddles afterwards!
Niliri - She enjoys the sound of rain, but when there are holes in her roof in places it can be a bit troubling! Especially during storms!
Rensa [Rhion] - No -- she's not scared of them, she just finds them annoying.

5. Do your OCs think sex is good/bad? Would they do it casually?
Risru [Kazuo] - Enjoys sex, and used to do it casually; however, now he's in a relationship and does not take part in flings.
Asashiru [Masaru] - Sex is perfectly acceptable, and he enjoys it; however, he would never do it casually.
Civetta [Luca] - Sex is perfectly natural, and he enjoys it. Has had sex casually, and doesn't mind it; however, prefers relationships overall.
Saaya - Enjoys sex, and thinks it's perfectly acceptable -- used to do it casually; however he is now in a relationship, and is doing his best to swear off casual sex after taking part in it for most of his life despite Apo telling him it's alright.
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - Sex is acceptable, and he enjoys it, the mess less so; however he would never do it casually.
Anzume [Naoya] - Doesn't exactly have a huge opinion -- if people have sex then yay for them? He's never thought about it much himself, the thought of him doing something like that makes him embarrassed. He wouldn't ever do it though unless he was in a relationship with that person.
Elouan [Noël] - Sex is perfectly natural, and he enjoys it but he prefers being in a relationship before taking part in it.
Alaelith - Has no interest, but it's a natural part of any creature's life if they wish to reproduce.
Kuina - He believes sex is perfect natural, and fine but can easily get embarrassed even if he knows he is meant to produce an heir one day. It's flustering and embarrassing to think about!
Kamil - Didn't exactly get what the hype was all about at first -- totally gets it now. Sex is great. Wouldn't do it casually though.
Al Niyat [Ikue] - It's natural, and she believes she would enjoy it, though is a little worried; however she could never, ever do it casually.
Roche [Nellie] - It's good for people! Though she doesn't really think about it much herself.
Niliri - She doesn't really put much thought into sex, or romance in general currently due to her wish to improve herself -- uncertain if she would enjoy it quite yet, but does believe it's perfectly acceptable to do it.
Rensa [Rhion] - Eh? s'Okay -- messy as hell though... It's perfectly fine for people to have sex, it's normal. Usually only in relationships, though she's never had a fling so eh? Maybe? If she felt like it.

6. If your OCs ran a blog, what type of blog would it be?
Risru [Kazuo] - He would likely blog about whatever he wanted, whether that were his hobbies, writing about his day, or post after post of selfies or images of friends. Also blog about his adorable wife on a near daily basis about cute things she did.
Asashiru [Masaru] - Masaru's would pertain to his interests whenever he could update it -- mainly his hobbies so essentially a Culinary/Nature/Culture/Music blog.
Civetta [Luca] - Luca's would pertain to music and nature -- essentially, things that relate to his job/passion and calming visuals.
Saaya - If Saaya would actually maintain a blog it'd likely relate to food or nature, such as pictures of things he crosses during his travels that he finds interesting.
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - Mostly posts about his daily events -- complete with pictures! If he had a nice coffee drink, or delicious snack there's bound to be pictures of it on his blog! Also selfies, but not as many in comparison to his pictures related to his interests.
Anzume [Naoya] - Mostly his varying interest, or blog posts about his day.
Elouan [Noël] - Wouldn't update frequently at all, no drive for it, but when he does post it'd be pictures of Thalia.
Alaelith - Food... Lots and lots of food -- if he could actually figure out how blogs even work.
Kuina - A blog that doesn't update much, but would likely be akin to a log of his day or certain events.
Kamil - Even if he ran a blog it'd barely be updated. Probably just reblogged shit about games so he could keep up with updates in one place. That or he'd reblog photos of animals, or wildlife because he likes looking at pictures of the world. (Maybe the occasional shit post)
Al Niyat [Ikue] - Her blog would likely pertain to her studies, such as various information and pictures she comes across about astronomy, or posts about books she's interested in.
Roche [Nellie] - Various interests! Lots of selfies! Overall, she'd likely post a lot of selfies as well as pictures of the places she travels. Occasionally, one may even seen a food pic here and there of some meals she's enjoying, but overall -- lots of traveling pictures!
Niliri - An art blog, mostly... She would likely also make personal posts about recent accomplishments pertaining to her attempts at socializing.
Rensa [Rhion] - She'd blog about games a lot, though there would be the occasional blogging of various interests as well. It's hard to just blog about one single thing all the time!

7. How many pillows does your OC sleep with?
Risru [Kazuo] - When sleeping by himself he typically likes having around 4 or so.
Asashiru [Masaru] - Usually sleeps with about two or three, but if there's more that's also fine.
Civetta [Luca] - Usually three, but if Selena wishes for more or less he's fine with it.
Saaya - Used to sleeping without them at times, but when available he likes having at least two.
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - Three or four! Sleeping under blankets, plus some spare pillows is nice to him.
Anzume [Naoya] - Two or three is just fine! He's not really picky about the amount though in the first place.
Elouan [Noël] - Usually fine with however many he's offered, not picky since really...he can fall asleep sitting up at a desk.
Alaelith - Pillows? What pillows? (If he had a home that was an actual home, he'd likely have a nest of pillows -- not even a bed. Just a nest of pillows with a giant blanket over them.)
Kuina - Has about four, but doesn't use them all.
Kamil - Lots.
Al Niyat [Ikue] - She likes pillows, though usually just sleeps with about two or three.
Roche [Nellie] - Perfectly fine with two! Though more can always be nice if she has a choice!
Niliri - At least five! She sleeps under the spares with all her blankets.
Rensa [Rhion] - A few, maybe about three.

8. What's a fun fact about your OC (Odd habits, Foods they either like/dislike for odd reasons, Odd Opinions)?
Risru [Kazuo] - Can't swear. He'll claim that he can but it seems practically impossible for him to do so -- if he does manage it, he'll often go silent for days straight (as if in shame).
Asashiru [Masaru] - If there is a fluffy animal or monster there is just something within him that demands he approach it and attempt to pet it -- even if it's dangerous. The only exceptions are if its a person's pet -- then he'll politely ask. (Mia is now the substitute for soft ear pets if she deems a creature too dangerous for him to pet)/ The only time he gets jealous is if Mia eats food made by someone else.
Civetta [Luca] - Doesn't drink soda/pop under any circumstance, and still wouldn't. No reason why, not even because it's bad for a person -- just doesn't and is now averse to it.
Saaya - Despite his rather hectic lifestyle, if he's at an inn the room always has to be properly organized. "Organized Mess" won't cut it. (Clothes on the floor from sex though are fine, he'll get them picked up).
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - Won't eat things like popsicles because he can't stand the feel or taste of the wooden stick in his mouth.
Anzume [Naoya] - Wouldn't ever use wooden pencils, he claims they feel awkward or uncomfortable in his hand.
Elouan [Noël] - He won't eat anything with seeds. He was one of those children that fell for the old saying -- "If you swallow a watermelon seed, one will grow inside you." and it traumatized him. Even today despite knowing better... He still refuses to eat anything with seeds like that.
Alaelith - Won't eat a leaf if it has brown in it.
Kuina - Won't go into dining room after lights out. He did once and he had a nightmare and thus now thinks its the room's fault. It happened twice!
Kamil - When alone will count ceiling tiles if the ceiling is indeed tiled.
Al Niyat [Ikue] - Collected post cards, stationary shops always had super cute ones, and some stores gave cute ones out for events. Plus, if she has multiple she can send them with a letter to her mom or sister!
Roche [Nellie] - Despite being quite social, when at stores or supermarkets she would never go down an aisle with more than 4 people -- and would instead circle around and browse until the aisle was clear.
Niliri - Has a box full of store flyers from various shops. She refuses to say she collects them, just...whenever they're so suddenly offered to her she can't help but get startled and it feels rude to just throw them away...
Rensa [Rhion] - Always has to curl up when sitting otherwise her leg will tap.

9. What's something silly/embarrassing your OC did as a child that they still recall to this day?
Risru [Kazuo] - His parents caught him sleeping halfway on the floor and halfway on their bed once (head near the floor, legs on the bed). Pictures were taken. Shame was had.
Asashiru [Masaru] - One time fell out of a tree when he was little, his father was just walking past and so Masaru fell onto him, causing him to stumble face first into the ground. Masaru apologized for a week straight much to everyone, even his father's amusement. Also tripped and fell into the family's koi pond once right in front of cleaning staff members.
Civetta [Luca] - Once idly picked up a piece of fake fruit while studying thinking it was real fruit -- needless to say it didn't taste good.
Saaya - When he was little and was attempting to sweep a room up turned too quickly, causing the broom to smack right into one of the sister's heads.
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - Believed the "we're wrestling" excuse after accidentally walking in on his parents.
Anzume [Naoya] - Once couldn't stop on his skates and went right over a rail and into a river. He was luckily uninjured, but his pride suffered.
Elouan [Noël] - Fell asleep in grade-school right in some paints during an art class...
Alaelith - Has yet to experience embarrassment.
Kuina - Once sneakily tried to grab some of hte guest snacks from a tray while his parents spoke with some other Patriai visitors, ended up toppling the tray and its contents (fruit, wine, etc) onto him -- he then started crying while the adults couldn't help but chuckle once they realized he was alright.
Kamil - Didn't really experience embarrassment until after meeting Red.
Al Niyat [Ikue] - She was watching an idol show she adored in middle school and to this day remembers the embarrassment she felt when her sister walked in on her singing along to the theme song enthusiastically.
Roche [Nellie] - While playing hide and seek with some other kids she went to hide in a bush...realized too late that it was a thorn bush after diving into it in front of 3 other kids that were hiding.
Niliri - A visitor knocked on the door while she was painting once and startled her, her foot went right into the can of paint while her canvas fell onto her head -- the paint hadn't dried on it at all at that point. Her guardians couldn't help but laugh.
Rensa [Rhion] - When she first died in a video game she cried thinking she'd actually killed the character and it took her father two hours to calm her down.

10. Did your OC have an embarrassing nickname they were called growing up/in their life? Whether by friends or parents?
Risru [Kazuo] - Kaa-chan (none of the others embarrassed him nearly as badly)
Asashiru [Masaru] - Masabutt.
Civetta [Luca] - None, his parents weren't the type for nicknames.
Saaya - N/A
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - Oriri, his little brother when he was young couldn't pronounce his name and thus used "ori" from Noriyuki, and repeated the "ri" with giggles.
Anzume [Naoya] - Never really had any embarrassing nicknames, at most he was sometimes called Nao-kun or Nao-chan but that never bothered him. Growing up, his brother also called him Momoga (Momo for short) since he always stuffed his cheeks with food he loved.
Elouan [Noël] - Nono, Elle -- Nono still haunts him to this day
Alaelith - N/A
Kuina - His parents weren't really ones for nicknames. His baby sister calls him "Ina" sometimes though, but that's not embarrassing.
Kamil - Cutie, or Marie -- God damn it, Red...
Al Niyat [Ikue] - None of hers really embarrassed her, but she was often called Iku-chan by neighbors
Roche [Nellie] - Shasha, some of the younger kids she grew up with called her that -- derived from the "Cha" (Pronounced, "sha") from Chanelle.
Niliri - Nilly, her guardians thought it was cute but it embarrassed her.
Rensa [Rhion] - She never really had any nicknames growing up, at least none that embarrassed her.

11. Why did your OC make the character they did/what were the intentions of the makers of the game for this NPC?
Risru [Kazuo] - There wasn't any real story or reason behind how he made his character -- it was modeled after himself, since he likes his looks he figured he'd just go with it.
Asashiru [Masaru] - Samurai seemed like a cool class to be, and thus he went with it. Design wise... He wasn't entirely sure what to do and thus designed it after himself.
Civetta [Luca] - No real intention behind his character, he made it to just play along Selena to make her job easier on her.
Saaya - [studioaudiencelaugher.mp3]
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - Most of his intentions went into the clothes he put on his character. He wanted a cool swashbuckler! Plus, the longer hair made him feel more pirate-y.
Anzume [Naoya] - Foxtails looked like they'd be a fun choice, there weren't any real intentions past that.
Elouan [Noël] - No real intentions, just gave himself white hair and grey eyes to give his character a more mythical look considering it was a fantasy game.
Alaelith - Alaelith was designed by the devs as a special monster character that was shrouded in mystery. A subplot was planned for him, however development on it had yet to start and was later planned to be patched into the game.
Kuina - Kuina was designed with the idea of having a special Patriai-related subplot due to his written position and lineage. It had been storyboarded, and devs had been working on implementing it into the game as soon as possible. It was a story-related plot that ignited the young prankster's growth into the future Consular he would one day become.
Kamil - When designed his character, he mostly went with things that he believed were cool or cute to him -- a type of person that he'd want to actually be. Someone mythical looking, someone fun...
Al Niyat [Ikue] - Ikue hadn't really been planning on anything with her character. She'd actually not ancipated getting as into the game as she did...
Roche [Nellie] - She wanted cool hair! Cute outfits! Plus, being a wolf fang seemed super fun, plus they were cute and cool too!
Niliri - Developers wished to create a side quest involving the bastard child of one of the notable Patriai households, however it never finished development.
Rensa [Rhion] - Before the Catastrophe she'd been toying with the idea of making her character look a bit more flashy; however, now she's thankful she didn't... Before that though, there wasn't any real plan on what her character's design was. She'd just needed something to play with friends...

12. Is your character right handed? Left handed? Ambidextrous?
Risru [Kazuo] - Ambidextrous (But started off with a dominance in his left hand)
Asashiru [Masaru] - Right Handed
Civetta [Luca] - Right Handed
Saaya - Ambidexterous
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - Right Handed
Anzume [Naoya] - Right Handed
Elouan [Noël] - Left Handed
Alaelith - Right Handed
Kuina - Right Handed
Kamil - Left Handed
Al Niyat [Ikue] -Left Handed
Roche [Nellie] - Right handed
Niliri - Right handed
Rensa [Rhion] - Left handed


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PostSubject: Re: Character Questions :: BATCH 3   Wed Jun 21, 2017 3:36 pm

1. If your OC was a Pokemon, what Pokemon would they be?
Selena – Female Meowstic
Hime [Mia] - Sylveon
Akhiko - Floatzel
Fionn [Gwyn] – Leavanny
APO [Aila] - Tyranitar
Blade [Itsuki] – Alolan Vulpix
Thalia - Klefki
Aya - Mimikyu
Dianthe - Altaria
Rex/Xin - Hydreigon
Zhura- Pichu
Red [Yyteri]- Arcanine
Sarein - Swanna
Tsaiki - Ribombee
Ash - Happiny
Felix - Roserade
Tamaki - Persian
Sienir - Solageo

2. If your OC were a Pokemon trainer, what would their team be?
Selena - Meowstic, Espeon, Slowking, Musharna. Selena would adore them all, preferring them over the harder hitting ones and just enjoy their more defensive types. Plus three of them are fluffy/soft. Slowking would be awesome to have around anyways.
Hime [Mia] - Hydreigon, Charizard, Milotic, Garchomp, Volcarona, Sylveon. They would all be pokemon she took in and adored, taking care of them and loving them absolutely. They would trust in her and also be pretty damned strong, high levels due to what she is. Most people wouldn't believe her team is hers... But she trained them all herself!
Akhiko - Floatzel, Pyukumuku, Golisopod, Seaking, Waillord. He likes water pokemon a lot, so they can swim and frolic a lot. Sometimes he takes Wailord out in the deeper parts and takes naps on its back.
Fionn [Gwyn] - Lapras, Leavanny, Aurorus. Two very pretty and kind pokemon, one that does clothing and he tends to work together with Leavanny to get work done on time.
APO [Aila] - She never actually caught any of these, but she has a gang of Tyranitar that follow her around and call her Boss in their own language. There's a few lil Pupitars and Larvitars as well that give her adoring eyes. She tends to level most towns on accident at times due to this... Whoops.
Blade [Itsuki] - Alola Vulpix, Steelix, Metagross, Togedemaru, Pawniard. Mostly steel type with a tiny little baby vulpix that he loves to death. STEEL TYPES ARE COOL. YEAH.
Thalia - Klefki, Minccino. She only has two, but they help her with her work. She’s definitely not an actual trainer and hates battling so she just ignores trainer eyes and goes about her business.
Aya - Mimikkyu, Pumpkaboo, Absol, Banette. She mostly has outsiders and those tossed aside, she would destroy anyone who tried to insult or bother them with her own fists.
Dianthe - Altaria, Gothitelle. Her precious friends, the Gothitelle is overly protective.
Rex/Xin - HYDREIGON. SIX OF THEM. I mean that's easy to take down, just need the right typing. But the pokemon themselves aren't the issue really…
Zhura- Baby pokemon. Igglybuff, Cleffa, Pichu, Happiny, Wynaut and Riolu. They are her babies and anyone that hurts them gets her tears and eternal dislike.
Red [Yyteri]- Arcanine, Blissey, Tyranitar, Starmie, Metagross, Skarmory. A good, dedicated battling team for competitive play though her Arcanine is a bit of an odd choice. Its her precious though so she couldn’t leave it behind.
Sarein - Swanna, Seviper, East Sea Shellos. His team is mostly pokemon he likes or found, like the little Shellos he adores. It’s his little buddy.
Tsaiki - Ribombee, Purugly, Sharpedo, Ninjask. His mom got him a Glameow and he evolved it, but the Ribimbee followed him home one day… And the Sharpedo he found as a Carvanha washed up on shore and the Ninjask was a Nincada he saved from the gardeners on his property...
Ash - Happiny, Houndour, Mudkip, Plusle, Minun, Girantina. She loves her babies and adores their cuddles and love. And then she has Girantina to back up or destroy anyone that upsets her or her babies. It counts as one of her preciouses though, a special gift and friend of her father’s.
Felix - Roserade, Swampert, Lilgant, Lurantis, Marill. Pokemon to help with his gardening or his work, they were all ones he adores and loves to spend time taking care of.
Tamaki - Persian, Spiritomb, Snorlax, Dragalge. They picked out pokemon they thought were cool and caught. No real rhyme or reason for the ones they picked.
Sienir - Solageo, Solrock, Golurk, Tsareena, Necrozma, Ampharos. Her team of SUPER SPECIAL SUPERHERO POKEMON. Even Necrozma is forced to help rescue people to its intense annoyance. A BRIGHT LIGHT IN THE DARK DEPTHS OF THE UNDERWORLD.

3. If your OC lived in the Pokemon universe, which region and town would they originate from?
Selena – Kalos, Lumiose City
Hime [Mia] – Hoenn, Sootopolis
Akhiko – Unova, Castelia City
Fionn [Gwyn] – Unova, Nimbasa CIty
APO [Aila] – Sinnoh, Snowpoint
Blade [Itsuki] – Alola, Malie City
Thalia – Kanto, Lavender Town
Aya – Hoenn, Mauville
Dianthe - Sinnoh, Celestic City
Rex/Xin – Sinnoh, Veilstone City
Zhura- Kanto, Saffron City
Red [Yyteri]- Unova, Driftveil City
Sarein - Johto, Goldenrod City
Tsaiki - Sinnoh, Jubilife City
Ash - Kalos, Lumiose City
Felix - Hoenn, Lilycove
Tamaki - Johto, Olivine City
Sienir – Kalos, Laverre City

4. Does your OC like the storms?
Selena – Storms suck. She hates them and especially hates them living up in her tower. So annoying and frustrating...
Hime [Mia] – Is okay with them, not really fond of the sound of rain on roofs or thunder. They can keep her up.
Akhiko – Loves them, the thunder and winds blowing are so nice to hear and see. Sometimes goes as high up as he can to watch the storms from a good vantage.
Fionn [Gwyn] – Rain can be soothing and lightning can be pretty but he doesn’t really like getting wet.
APO [Aila] – As long as she’s not stuck out in one she’s fine, not too fond but not too scared/angry at them either. It can be a bit refreshing though if she’s wearing a bathing suit or nothing sometimes?
Blade [Itsuki] – He doesn’t like storms, they either make him antsy or he feels cooped up stuck inside.
Thalia – Loves storms. Rain is pretty, thunder is amazing and lightning… So pretty...
Aya – Fuck storms.
Dianthe - :D? Storms are a bygone memory.
Rex/Xin – Storms are fun as long as they aren’t caught out in them getting soaked. Weather in general is fun for them to experience but soaked clothes are not much fun...
Zhura- Thunder is a bit scary sometimes, but she loves seeing lightning flash and play across the clouds. It’s so pretty and entrancing...
Red [Yyteri]- She likes to snuggle up under blankets and read or drink cocoa during them, loving the isolated feeling it makes. A closed in world, separate from everything else.
Sarein - Storms are useful for cover but, he’s not really okay with them otherwise. Bad for business otherwise...
Tsaiki - Storms are okay, he’s not really got an opinion one way or another.
Ash - The humidity ruins her poof. She doesn’t like that part, but watching rain fall is soothing. Thunder and lightning always startle her though and she’ll squeak and sometimes hop under things if startled too much, all poofed up and nervous.
Felix - Its good for the plants, but not him so much. Weh. He’s not a plant! He doesn’t need to get wet like that!
Tamaki - Eh. Storms are storms. Annoying.
Sienir – Loves to go running out in them despite her sunlight nature. Its fun to run around while thunder crashes and you get soaked, dancing in the rain with no cover is the best!

5. Do your OCs think sex is good/bad? Would they do it casually?
Selena – Its good, she loves it. Definitely would do it casually, used to do that exclusively.
Hime [Mia] – Used to think it was just something others did. Possibly could have done casually? But never got the chance.
Akhiko – Kind of grossed out a bit despite knowing it’s natural. After he has it though he’d be more fine, still grossed out by other’s sex lives though. Wouldn’t do it casually at all.
Fionn [Gwyn] – He rather enjoys it, and definitely does it casually when not in a relationship.
APO [Aila] – Didn’t really look down on people for it, but wasn’t her thing. No way would she ever do it casually.
Blade [Itsuki] – Sex is gross. E  w. (obviously would not do it casually)
Thalia – It is fun and pleasurable. Used to only do it casually… However she much prefers how nice it is in a relationship.
Aya – Haaah, sex feels good and is useful. Yep, always had it casual though might be stuck never doing casual again?
Dianthe - Likes it, its good at getting close to others. Does it casually, she really has no other choice.
Rex/Xin – They have no real idea about this and I am hopeful it will remain so.
Zhura- Likes sex and would do it casually, not as much anymore.
Red [Yyteri]- Kind of okay with it, but just meh over all. Now kind of addicted. Would never do it casually.
Sarein - It’s fun and gives him a nice living. Does it exclusively casually.
Tsaiki - Its um, a thing? Wouldn’t do it casually at all.
Ash - Its...seriously embarrassing to think about other than the knowledge she’ll have to do it ONE day. Might do it casually??? Possibly… If she really got over the first hurdle it’d be fine.
Felix - Its really fun! Likes casual a lot better than relationship ones though!
Tamaki - Thinks its okay, likes to do it in a friendly manner. Would do it casually but only if they knew you beforehand.
Sienir – Before? Liked to casually, because it messed with her parents. Now? Doesn’t really think about it at all. Its something people do, whatever. Wouldn’t do it casually at all.

6. If your OCs ran a blog, what type of blog would it be?
Selena – Selena’s would be a ranting blog where she grumps about all the shit she deals with. Her stories would be popular due to her unique writing style and sense of humor.
Hime [Mia] – She would run a blog where you could send in questions about translating or language based problems. She’d sometimes put out submissions people sent her of their stories in this sort of work. Eventually it’d end up with stories about her and her boyfriend’s hilarious mess ups speaking different languages.
Akhiko – Aki’s blog would also be somewhere he vents about work, but one where you don’t know if the stories are true or not. Occasionally he’ll post pictures of his work and himself, thus improving the likely hood of things being true. There would be some talk of wondering who those two separate people he seems to post pictures with on what seems to be dates...
Fionn [Gwyn] – A rather filled blog of all sorts of interests. It’d be filled with personal stuff, things about his family, lots of funny pictures or cute ones. Once he started dating Nori though it’d include gushing about his cute boyfriend.
APO [Aila] – Hers would be a blog that mostly reblogs or finds other’s stuff and shares it, she’d love seeing what others are doing and anything and everything interests her.
Blade [Itsuki] – Memes. He’d be a meme master, ahead of the curve… And he’d reblog and share all his sisters stuff too just because, sometimes adding his own stories to it. But mostly awful jokes.
Thalia – How to guides and all sorts of helpful stuff, she’d try to answer questions and advice, while using her life experiences. Sometimes has no idea what she’s talking about but generally can tell someone that. - Would have a side blog full of godtier photoshopped things and also random pictures with her friends tagged (it u)-
Aya – Hers would be a shitposting one, where she reblogs memes and stupid stories, or pissy ones like waiters or customer service ones. Sometimes would post pics of her work, especially the alcohol.
Dianthe - She’d do fortunetelling and like astrology stuff, the healing power of crystals and shit. Not that she’d believe it, just she’d find it super fun to think about stuff like that.
Rex/Xin – They wouldn’t have a blog except to get to see things that might be locked behind a username and stuff.
Zhura- At first it would be a barely used blog, but once she married and potentially had kids it would become a popular and well liked blog about her adventures in mothering.
Red [Yyteri]- It’d start as a working blog, where she posts current projects and takes requests and eventually she’d start adding personal things like Kamil pictures and life events.
Sarein - His would be filled with beautiful stuff, images animals and people. It’d be a bit boring, but he wouldn’t care because AESTHETICS.
Tsaiki - Honestly his would barely be used at all, mostly to just see gaming stuff or maybe share screenshots.
Ash - It would just be FILLED with cute things, images, designs and also pictures and stories of shopping sprees and fashion.
Felix - Plants of all types, he’d post pictures and step by step guides on certain things as well as answer any and all questions.
Tamaki - Fanfiction and original stories. It’d be really popular with lots of people telling them they should publish. They’d ignore it because it’s a hassle. They’d ave a secondary lil shit blog where they talk about gaming and how awesome they are.
Sienir – Animals. She’d have so many animal stories and pictures and things like that. She’d also find other’s animal stories and shares lots of video and charities and stuff for them.

7. How many pillows does your OC sleep with?
Selena – Besides Luca the bed is filled when allows her.
Hime [Mia] – Mia would love to have a lot, but if she did it would displace Masa. So she has to settle with two pillows and a living one (Masa) she can snuggle up to.
Akhiko – Three. Two near his head, even if he doesn’t use them sometimes, and one to curl around.
Fionn [Gwyn] – One or two, he doesn’t really need that many.
APO [Aila] – She uses Saaya, but otherwise doesn’t really care for them so she uses one at most.
Blade [Itsuki] – He likes a couple, two to three.
Thalia – A couple, she doesn’t like to clutter up the bed but sometimes she likes to cover her face with one.
Aya – She has like seven, but she sometimes sleeps with only one or two.
Dianthe - Four, she likes an even amount.
Rex/Xin – They um… sleep? I guess? With pillows.
Zhura- She likes one pillow and some sort of soft thing to cuddle up to, though it has to be firmer than a pillow
Red [Yyteri]- Apparently she now sleeps with lots bc Kamil.
Sarein - Not many, he prefers open spaces for stretching and moving without pushing things off.
Tsaiki - His bed is filled to the brim with pillows, high quality and perfectly fluffy.
Ash - A couple, it varies depending on if she’s moving around a lot.
Felix - He likes loads of pillows but doesn’t really keep them all on the bed because he prefers a bigger bed than he has right now.
Tamaki - Two, one to cuddle and the other to sleep on.
Sienir – Most of the time none because no bed.

8. What's a fun fact about your OC (Odd habits, Foods they either like/dislike for odd reasons, Odd Opinions)?
Selena – Has intense nightmares if she sleeps alone, so its impossible for her to ever not cuddle someone or an animal.
Hime [Mia] – Likes to stick things in her mouth or be nibbling/sucking/licking on things when she can.
Akhiko – He tends to eat himself into food comas at times, generally with strawberry stuff, though he’s not as bad as he used to be as a child.
Fionn [Gwyn] – Despite his easy going, approachable and friendly nature, Fionn normally feels lonely and isolated. He likes helping others and giving advice, but feels like that puts him on this sort of upper tier around others since they look up to him instead of just properly befriending him and stuff. It makes him hard to get to open up and causes him a lot of melancholy.
APO [Aila] – She is surprisingly good and gentle with children. They seem to love her to death and she’s always been a favorite wherever she goes.
Blade [Itsuki] – He likes to make up tunes and songs to himself when he’s alone or thinks no one’s listening.
Thalia – Always dusts first, that way when she goes to sweep and do other things it doesn’t get everywhere and settle on nicely cleaned spots. Its a typical Elder Maid technique but she’s so meticulous about it she’s scolded Noel when he’s tried to help and hasn’t done that.
Aya – She has this thing where she prefers to sleep on couches or things with backs, like against a wall or something when it comes to beds. Its a trust issue, she likes to have something at her back so it’s one less direction to worry over.
Dianthe - Tries not to be a voyeur but sometimes is accidentally and ends up so entranced with like people’s dramatic lives that she’ll watch it much like a soap opera and cheer people on. Its embarrassing and very rude, but she would never tell a soul what she sees and feels very embarrassed.
Rex – Actually understands and connects with people more than she lets on, its just more fun to pretend to be oblivious.
Xin – Actually kind of likes Elouan. He’s not a bad person, feeds him and does his best. Xin doesn’t really mind being connected to the man as much as he seems to pretend.
Zhura- Is a definite, grade A airhead. She gets lost so easily that is kind of horrifying, though once she’s used to an area she can function fine in it. Until that point or if she sets one foot outside of that invisible line, she needs to be carefully chaperoned else it may be hours to days before she’s found again.
Red [Yyteri]- Has this thing where she twitches if she sees ginger hair. Not red, like orange realistic ginger colors because all she can worry about is one of her annoying cousins showing up one day to bother her. Some of them did play the game, she knew, but they played on other servers and she didn’t tell them she played in the first place because playing with their competitive asses didn’t sound fun at all.
Sarein - Likes to sleep. Like a lot, he will spend enough time napping that at times his mothers have to grump at him to get him out of bed on days off, either that or his sister.
Tsaiki - He likes to be around others, even if he doesn’t like to talk or be social much. The background noise of people talking and living makes him happy and makes him feel less alone and he likes to just hang out without being super into it.
Ash - Picked up diary writing after her mother died, because her mom used to keep them and took all of them with her when they left. All of the diaries arrived intact and Ash read them all in the weeks following her death, before deciding to start them too to have things to leave for the next generation too. Those diaries of her mother’s are her most valuable possessions.
Felix - Doesn’t really like sexually aggressive people even if he’ll allow them to sleep with him. It seems obnoxious and annoying to him, kind of a pain, he prefers to just be relaxed and calm about that stuff.
Tamaki - Knew they were being an asshat most of their life but never really cared. At least until the consequences in this world kicked in, dying really fucking sucks and kind of like put them in their place.
Sienir – Has an interest in clothes and things like jewelry, but doesn’t want anyone to know about it. Its embarrassing in a vigilante… to want to be all pretty and dressed up...

9. What's something silly/embarrassing your OC did as a child that they still recall to this day?
Selena – She once tried to get her cousins who were more like an aunt and uncle to her to look at a test she got a hundred percent on. They ignored her and swatted her hand away. She remembers that as an embarrassing event because of her naivety in expecting them to treat her like their child.
Hime [Mia] – Mia didn’t really like her stepmother initially, so she did a lot of embarrassing things trying to chase her away. One time in particular she set up an elaborate trap using marbles, flour and vegetable oil but instead of Lakshmi setting it off, her father did and it covered the poor unaware man. Neither of them got angry though, they just praised her inventiveness and smarts as they washed up her dad, shaming her utterly as she cried and convincing her that Lakshmi was a good person not out to steal her dad.
Akhiko – One time when the mercenary group stopped by his parents and his home in the city, his mother threw a party with whatever she could afford and everyone helped out. It was a nice and fun affair and after a time the adults grew distracted and that was when Aki of the bottomless pit stomach struck. He ended up eating almost all of the party’s food when they were busy and the adults found him laying there half on the table with a major stomach ache and food coma-ing hardcore.
Fionn [Gwyn] – When Fionn was little he ended up riding in the car a lot because one of his siblings were sick and he enjoyed it quite a bit. So he started to equate a car showing up to a car ride and so whenever a car would show up in their driveway he’d run to the bedroom and pack up his little backpack with things he felt he’d need and then run to the door and get ready. It embarrasses him to think about it because of the teasing his father did his whole life over this.
APO [Aila] – She honestly doesn’t remember much so if she ever did anything it wasn’t embarrassing enough to remember.
Blade [Itsuki] – Hair dye and shampoo are not interchangeable. Trying to make dad’s hair a nice dark color like mom and big sister is not a smart idea. His dad cried for weeks until it washed out.
Thalia – No real childhood to speak of so no embarrassing memories that aren’t horrible mess ups that got her in trouble.
Aya – Her family was shit, any memories of her childhood she still has aren’t embarrassing and just painful.
Dianthe - Most of hers had to do with her bad luck, like accidentally causing embarrassing incidents as a child that she didn’t understand why happened. One involved destroying her mother’s favorite jewerly.
Rex/Xin - ??? They never had childhoods.
Zhura- She had this really cute bunny stuffed animal that she loved to death, she’d take it everywhere with her. One time she left it on a train when her parents and her were traveling and she broke away from her parents to go back on the train to get it. She found the bunny, but ended up five hours away and called a missing child because she panicked and hid from the strange adults trying to find her. It ended up on the local news and eventually some adults found her and took her to the police.
Red [Yyteri]- She once took one of her mother’s prettiest knives in to show the class for show and tell. Needless to say she got in a lot of trouble and got called Knife Girl for most of her childhood and even into high school.
Sarein - He once walked in on his parents mid-sex and completely didn’t understand what was going on, crawling into the bed because he was lonely and wanted cuddles. They were both rather annoyed, but couldn’t say no so they had to quickly cover things up and try their best to soothe their son.
Tsaiki - His mom was in the middle of an interview on a morning tv show, one of the hugely popular ones and he was waiting at the side for her to get done. They had another guest on the show though talking about animals and bringing along a few of theirs to bring to light more information on conservation efforts. Needles to say the young boy saw the fluffy fennec fox and darted right onto live tv to see it, all sparkles and happiness. He didn’t get in trouble, mostly because the scene of a cute little boy rushing to play with a fennec fox made the ratings skyrocket, though the video still exists on youtube to this day.
Ash - One time she got really annoyed and bit her bodyguard’s tail, a wolf fang of some renown. They were in public and she was growling and chewing as they yelped and tried to get her off, which was hard to do because she was biting pretty hard and yanking on her just pulled the tail.
Felix - He got so startled once that he climbed up his father like a little spider monkey, toppling them both over into a pool with their clothes on. He doesn’t remember what startled him, but he remembers being so scared and just unable to help it.
Tamaki - Once pushed a little boy off a swing to get it for theirself. The little boy broke his nose and ended up having to go to the ER because it was so bad. They got in SO much trouble.
Sienir - :D She does not recall… anything like that.

10. Did your OC have an embarrassing nickname they were called growing up? Whether by friends or parents?
Selena – Uh, her cousin once called her Leeny but she decked him for it. So maybe that?
Hime [Mia] – Mimimi in a sing song voice by Itsuki and then picked up by her parents. Its so embarrassing! Don’t call her this!
Akhiko – Kiki, Sparkle Prince, Kiko. Chiyu and his parents were very inventive with his name so there’s more than a few not listed.
Fionn [Gwyn] – Gywnny, Nini, Wynny. All by his younger siblings and then picked up by his nieces and nephews over the years.
APO [Aila] – Seeny. Dunno where it came from, but it’s what her parents call her.
Blade [Itsuki] – Peanut, Laal, Precious. The last one just kills him.
Thalia – No real nicknames, just ‘you, child’ and stuff like that.
Aya - Nothing
Dianthe - She never had any nicknames...
Rex/Xin – None >_> They were monster.
Zhura- No nicknames...
Red [Yyteri]- Considering she took to Red… Gingerbutt, by her mom. She will never tell a soul this nickname.
Sarein - Sasie, by his younger sister.
Tsaiki - Pooky Bear (He will END YOU, because only his mom can call him this)
Ash - Poofums, Cheeks (because of her smiles), Shi.
Felix - SO many insulting nicknames between his sister and him. Bitsy is his least favorite.
Tamaki - ????
Sienir - :D

11. Why did your OC make the character they did/what were the intentions of the makers of the game for this NPC?
Selena – Considering she was forced into this unwillingly, Selena made this character because of corporate bullshit. It looks exactly like her and has her name so...
Hime [Mia] – She wanted something that could be a look she could aspire to, someone she wanted to look like when she was older. It seemed like it’d be way cooler than trying to make up some other look and she wasn’t really creative.
Akhiko – He was an important NPC developed to get the player slowly but surely into the meat of the troubles in the city between the upper and lowers classes. Oddly enough, the main designer behind the character took a liking to a young man who was super interested in the process of making such things and so decided as an easter egg to use the person’s name, general looks and a similar personality.
Fionn [Gwyn] – He liked pretty things so he made a pretty half-alv, interested in the story bonuses such brought with it. Anything cool or more interesting was his style.
APO [Aila] – Her favorite color is crimson and so she made her character look like that. Wolf fangs were poofy and in an ironic twist her last name is Wolf so.
Blade [Itsuki] – He wanted to look more like his dad, his slightly darker skin and hair bothering him at times. Purer reds were something he liked and the peach color called to him! Elf looked human enough without the basic human stuff so he picked that.
Thalia – A simple NPC, she was meant to be a silly joke in one of the non-functioning accessory shops. A silly little joke they might one day make into an important sidequest, that you could find by walking into an open building with an interesting design.
Aya – She made her character as sexy as she could and went from there.
Dianthe - A super special NPC, she’d give a whole bunch of sidequests and tons of information about the Island and how some of the magic works there as well as things about the city’s past. That was what was intended… There were ideas on implementing a special quest later on that would allow her to be freed from her prison, but nothing concrete was made even if they dropped hints in places.
Rex/Xin – They were a raid boss, with a decently easy but very long dungeon that led up to them. It was meant to be a fun battle for the people doing the whole thing, which was what the makers intended for them but… Obviously things did not turn out that way.
Zhura- She was feeling lonely, so she made this character with the intention of meeting more people. Making her look like this was a nice bonus, the colors were pretty and she could finally be TOL.
Red [Yyteri]- Red and white look awesome together so she made it, though the height she couldn’t decide so she went with her natural.
Sarein - The creators wanted an interesting assassin to help take out one of the city’s scummy patriai for a story plot and get things moving for future updates.
Tsaiki - He honestly just liked the game and made as cool a character as he could do.
Ash - She was intended to be an interesting character that led to a bunch of secret stuff on the island through her mysterious father. People would enjoy helping the cute foxtail on her journey, hopefully, and get set up for some of the more interesting mysteries of the island as well as get loads of Alv Tech themed items.
Felix - He really liked how it looked, the character he designed, and it was fun to play with his sister and get clothes and stuff so… That was really it?
Tamaki - They uh, just wanted to make someone cool looking and more like what they want to look like in their life. It made them happy, though they were a little shit anyways so the name was meant to be ironic and cool.
Sienir – The game makers wanted to make an Ancient that lived on this Island much like the other servers had some, especially ones that were poster children like Elias Hackblade. So they came up with a theme, an interesting idea fitting with the Island’s overly mystical nature and left her at that.

12. Is your character right handed? Left handed? Ambidextrous?
Selena – Right handed
Hime [Mia] – Left handed
Akhiko - Ambidextrous
Fionn [Gwyn] – Right handed
APO [Aila] – Right handed
Blade [Itsuki] – Right handed
Thalia – Ambidextrous
Aya – Right handed
Dianthe - Right handed
Rex – Right handed
Xin – Left handed
Zhura- Right handed
Red [Yyteri]- Ambidextrous
Sarein - Capable of using both, but right handed naturally
Tsaiki - Right handed
Ash - Left handed, but taught herself to use her right too
Felix - Right handed
Tamaki - Right handed
Sienir - Ambidextrous


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