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 Character Questions :: BATCH 2

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PostSubject: Character Questions :: BATCH 2   Fri Apr 08, 2016 10:38 pm


----- :: Character Questions - Second Batch :: -----


This is another fun little thing we've done across RPs that people have seemed to enjoy. It lets a player get further into their OCs habits and mind by answers just little trivial questions that profile templates don't always include. It's also a fun way for other players to get to know your characters more out of character!

Like the fanmix activity, this is not required -- it's just a little something you can do while not posting, or busy! If you don't want to, that's perfectly alright! Hopefully you'll enjoy the answers that are put here by others!

That all being said, here's the second batch of questions!

1. What's your OC's nervous habit(s)?
2. What are things your OC's is afraid of?
3. What's your OC's age?
4. What's your OC's sexual orientation?
5. Have your OC's ever been in a relationship? Had a fling?
6. Can you OC's swim?
7. What's your OC's favorite color(s)?
8. What does your OC's wear to bed?
9. What ethnicity is your OC's? If they're a Lander, describe their homeland.
10. What is your OC's self esteem like?
11. What wakes your OC's in the middle of the night?
12. What is something your OC's does to relax?


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PostSubject: Re: Character Questions :: BATCH 2   Fri Apr 08, 2016 10:39 pm

1. What's your OC's nervous habit(s)?
Risru [Kazuo] - He will lightly scratch his cheek and become somewhat formal in his speech patterns.
Asashiru [Masaru] - He will rub the back of his neck.
Civetta [Luca] - He will lightly scratch his cheek.
Saaya - He will laugh sheepishly and lightly scratch the side of his mouth.
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - He will lightly ruffle his hair, and laugh sheepishly.
Anzume [Naoya] - He will lightly scratch his cheek or laugh sheepishly. He also has trouble making eye contact when nervous.
Elouan [Noël] - Will look away, and avoid eye contact and toy with the collar of his top as if straightening a tie.
Alaelith - He'll grip or toy with his braid, and avert his eyes.
Kuina - He'll adjust his glasses or avert his eyes.
Kamil - He'll avert his eyes and his body language will become telling/awkward (He'll fold his arms to hold himself, he'll turn slightly, etc).
Al Niyat [Ikue] - Will either laugh sheepishly, or play with her clothes/hair.
Roche [Nellie] - Will look away, and laugh sheepishly -- occasionally pokes her fingers together while doing so.
Niliri - Freezes up, and will look away -- sometimes will occasionally toy with her fingers or clothes.
Rensa [Rhion] - She'll toy with her hair (usually her bangs) or headphones -- however, she lacks headphones now, and thus will occasionally reach up to find nothing there.

2. What are things your OC's is afraid of?
Risru [Kazuo] - Afraid he may never see his family again, feeling helpless
Asashiru [Masaru] - Enclosed spaces (small rooms with no windows, closets if shut in, elevators, etc.), losing people he cares about, friends/family becoming sick (whether it be a cold or more)
Civetta [Luca] - Was afraid of his father, and becomes tense around wasps or bees.
Saaya - Apo dying and then losing her memory of him upon reviving.
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - Feeling helpless, feeling as if he can't do anything to help someone he cares for, and toads.
Anzume [Naoya] - Grasshoppers and Cicadas.
Elouan [Noël] - Bugs, and losing Thalia.
Kuina - People of incredible strength that could easily beat him up if they wanted (like when he's caught pranking them...), People's expectations of him.
Kamil - Dying permanently (but at the same time he's not... It's complicated...), People rejecting him, or when when he can see people he does know distancing themselves from him.
Alaelith - N/A
Al Niyat [Ikue] - Spiders, storms, and being alienated.
Roche [Nellie] - Being alone, just in terms of not having friends to be around, etc.
Niliri - Being isolated, Being unable to overcome her lack of people-skills, drowning
Rensa [Rhion] - Drowning, had a bad experience once.

3. What's your OC's age?
Risru [Kazuo] - 19
Asashiru [Masaru] - 26
Civetta [Luca] - 25
Saaya - 22
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - 24
Anzume [Naoya] - 15
Elouan [Noël] - 27
Alaelith - [Studio Audience Laughter.mp3]
Kuina - 17 *Soon to be 18*
Kamil - 23
Al Niyat [Ikue] - 21
Roche [Nellie] - 21
Niliri - 22
Rensa [Rhion] -23

4. What's your OC's sexual orientation?
Risru [Kazuo] - Bisexual
Asashiru [Masaru] - Demisexual
Civetta [Luca] - Pansexual
Saaya - Pansexual
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - Demisexual
Anzume [Naoya] - ???
Elouan [Noël] - Heterosexual
Alaelith - He's a monster... but if you're okay with that I suppose pansexual.
Kuina - Heterosexual
Kamil - ???
Al Niyat [Ikue] - Heterosexual
Roche [Nellie] - Pansexual
Niliri - ??? (She doesn't have preferences as of yet, but certainly could fall in love)
Rensa [Rhion] - Bisexual

5. Have your OC's ever been in a relationship? Had a fling?
Risru [Kazuo] - Yes -- used to solely have flings, but is now in a relationship.
Asashiru [Masaru] - Yes, currently in a relationship.
Civetta [Luca] - Yes, currently in a relationship.
Saaya - Yes, he used to solely have flings, but is trying to stop doing so after entering a relationship. Even if Apo is fine with him having flings, if she isn't going to have any either it doesn't appear fair to Saaya... So, he's trying to stop.
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - Yes, he's been in two serious relationships and is currently in one; however, he does not have flings.
Anzume [Naoya] - No experience with relationships or flings.
Elouan [Noël] - Yes, has been in a couple relationships in the past, but never a fling. Currently in a relationship.
Alaelith - No experience with relationships or flings. He's a monster.
Kuina - No experience with relationships or flings.
Kamil - No experience with relationships or flings.
Al Niyat [Ikue] - Yes, currently in a relationship. No experience with flings.
Roche [Nellie] - No experience with relationships or flings.
Niliri - No experience with relationships or flings.
Rensa [Rhion] - Had a relationship once, but the guy left her for another streamer. Has had a few less serious ones before that, not that that one was that serious to begin with. Hasn't had a fling.

6. Can you OC's swim?
Risru [Kazuo] - He likes bathes, and pools -- though isn't good with going into the ocean or lakes. Baths are relaxing though, and pools can be fun.
Asashiru [Masaru] - Yes, it's nice to relax in the water.
Civetta [Luca] - Yes, though not well. (Better in pools, but has trouble when it comes to swimming in the ocean.)
Saaya - Yes, it's quite refreshing.
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - Yes!
Anzume [Naoya] - Yes! It's really fun!
Elouan [Noël] - Yes, but he doesn't swim often.
Alaelith - Yes, occasionally lurks in nearby ponds and lakes to cool in.
Kuina - Yes, but prefers relaxing in shallow waters.
Kamil - No...
Al Niyat [Ikue] - Yes, she enjoys going swimming sometimes!
Roche [Nellie] - Yes! She loves swimming!
Niliri - No, never learned how to swim (She wants to though!)
Rensa [Rhion] - Yes, but doesn't really like to swim anymore.

7. What's your OC's favorite color(s)?
Risru [Kazuo] - Reds/Blues/Greens/Black/Purples
Asashiru [Masaru] - Blues/Whites/Grays
Civetta [Luca] - Grays/Blues/Black/Reds/White
Saaya - Blues/Oranges/Reds/White/Purples
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - Blues/Reds/Black/Purple/Greens/White
Anzume [Naoya] - Reds/Pinks/Blues/Black/Silver/Greens/Neon Colors/Bright Colors
Elouan [Noël] - Grays/Blues/Silver
Alaelith - Nature Colors/Very Light Pinks/Very Light Blues
Kuina - Reds/Blues/Black/Grays
Kamil - Pinks/Purples/Vibrant Greens/Nature Colors
Al Niyat [Ikue] - Mint/Greens/Blues/Calm Yellows/Black/White
Roche [Nellie] - Blues/Greens/Pink/Black
Niliri - Likes most colors so long as they not bright or bold to the point of blinding
Rensa [Rhion] - Black/Hot Pink/Cerulean/Teal/Violet/Grey-Violet/Purple-Reds/Cool Colors

8. What does your OC's wear to bed?
Risru [Kazuo] - Has a pair of longer pants to wear to sleep along with a loose fitted, long sleeved shirt. Sometimes he'll sleep without the shirt.
Asashiru [Masaru] - He has long pants he wears for sleep, but also has a loose fitted, long sleeved shirt he can wear; however, he typically wears just the pants.
Civetta [Luca] - Has long pants he wears typically for sleeping.
Saaya - Sleeping robes if provided, otherwise in his clothes (if roughing it outdoors), or in the nude buried under blankets.
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - Has long pants he sleeps in most of the time since he uses both his tails and a blanket for cover, but also has a top he wears if he feels cold.
Anzume [Naoya] - Has long shorts that go a little past his knees as well as a big shirt.
Elouan [Noël] - Has a loose fitted top, and longer pants to wear, but often times falls asleep in his clothes due to falling asleep while studying.
Alaelith - Will sleep in whatever he's wearing.
Kuina - Long-sleeved top and pants made of the finest fabric
Kamil - Oversized top and pants that go down slightly past his knees
Al Niyat [Ikue] - Has a large sweater-like top now so she wears it, along with shorts.
Roche [Nellie] - Typically sleeps wrapped up in her blankets while wearing a loose-fitted, sleeveless top along with pants.
Niliri - Typically sleeps in a pair of shorts and a very loose top.
Rensa [Rhion] - Usually just a big shirt and some shorts, though very short ones. (Used to just sleep in her T-Shirts and boyshorts in her world)

9. What ethnicity is your OC's? If they're a Lander, describe their homeland.
Risru [Kazuo] - Japanese/Partly German
Asashiru [Masaru] - Japanese
Civetta [Luca] - Italian
Saaya - ????? [itisamystery.mp3]
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - Japanese
Anzume [Naoya] - Japanese
Elouan [Noël] - French
Alaelith - Forest Spirit
Kuina - Islander/Alvantean(?) -- Born and raised in the city.
Kamil - French
Al Niyat [Ikue] - Japanese
Roche [Nellie] - European/Partly French
Niliri - Islander, was born in the city and raised.
Rensa [Rhion] - Italian

10. What is your OC's self esteem like?
Risru [Kazuo] - He has good self esteem, he isn't bothered by insults or remarks from others.
Asashiru [Masaru] - He possesses very low self esteem, he is rather harsh on himself more so than anyone else.
Civetta [Luca] - Can be a mixture, there are certain aspects about himself that he is unsure of to points of causing him to feel bouts of lowness, but overall in most areas possesses good self esteem.
Saaya - Great self esteem~! He's perfectly fine with himself! What people say about him doesn't matter, he'll either confirm or deny with proof~
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - Has mostly good self esteem, but there are certain points about himself he is less than confident about.
Anzume [Naoya] - He doesn't really think about it, he doesn't have a bad opinion of himself, but it's not like he cares to pump himself up either.
Elouan [Noël] - He has fine self esteem, others comments are not something that bother him. If that is what they think, it's what they think -- if they're thinking badly of him then they're simply wasting what brain power they possess to do so.
Alaelith - He has fine self esteem, despite his personality he's completely confident in himself.
Kuina - He has good self esteem, isn't bothered by insults or remarks from others (but can get grumpy sometimes when he's called childish).
Kamil - Has little to no self esteem -- he's very self deprecating and believes he lacks any positive qualities.
Al Niyat [Ikue] - Possess a mixture of positive and negative, there are aspects about herself she's completely fine with -- but things such as sociability is where her self esteem is rather low due to her tendency to become easily flustered.
Roche [Nellie] - Feels perfectly at ease with herself! What's there to be upset about?
Niliri - Typically has self esteem issues regarding her lack of socialization skills, otherwise she doesn't really have a low or high opinion of herself.
Rensa [Rhion] - Doesn't exactly have low self esteem, but it's no where near great either.

11. What wakes your OC's in the middle of the night?
Risru [Kazuo] - Either his fairy when it's acting mischevous, moving around and causing him to pick up sounds, or nightmares.
Asashiru [Masaru] - Occasionally wakes due to nightmares, such as recurring ones of events in his past.
Civetta [Luca] - Either Selena's fairy when it's acting up, or Selena if she happens to have a nightmare.
Saaya - Saaya typically sleeps rather easily, as nothing really disturbs him enough to wake him up...unless he's at an inn and has disagreeable neighbors.
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - Sensitive hearing, if anything sounds off he'll typically awaken from a doze, if fully asleep he'll sleep like a log.
Anzume [Naoya] - Sensitive hearing, can wake up easily so if there's people talking close by or things moving around he will typically pick up on them.
Elouan [Noël] - Nothing will wake him up once he's out other than Xin or Rex poking him, Fionn calling him insistently to get Xin or Rex when they're bothering him, or his own instinct to continue his studies.
Alaelith - Once when he was trying to sleep a Grim Weasel fell on him and woke him up. So that.
Kuina - Nothing unless he's woken up.
Kamil - Depression or just dips in his mood.
Al Niyat [Ikue] - If she becomes too cold at night, but overall sleeps through noises and such things. Only on rare occasions will she have a nightmare.
Roche [Nellie] - Sleeps like a log once bundled up, nothing will wake her up after she's past the dozing stage.
Niliri - If it's too hot she'll typically wake up because it's uncomfortable, otherwise will sleep pretty well unless she's being prompted to wake up.
Rensa [Rhion] - If it's too hot she'll typically wake up, but once she cools herself off she'll conk right out again like a log.

12. What is something your OC's does to relax?
Risru [Kazuo] - Prefers to relax back in bed or on his couch, and take naps.
Asashiru [Masaru] - Prefers to have tea and sit down, perhaps read at times -- otherwise takes walks. [Previously played piano to do so, or worked on calligraphy, but now he's had to find new relaxation methods]
Civetta [Luca] - Takes time to play his violin, or take a walk.
Saaya - Has something nice to eat, and takes a walk, that or naps
Shiroro [Noriyuki] - Takes a bath, or goes on a walk otherwise will make accessories.
Anzume [Naoya] - Read or take walks, or go swimming.
Elouan [Noël] - Takes a walk, and enjoys a snack. Otherwise takes a hot bath.
Alaelith - Sleep, or he'll go swimming -- mostly he'll take time for himself.
Kuina - He'll read, or relax in bed.
Kamil - Work on his pottery projects, play with his pet summons, or he'll go and take a nap.
Al Niyat [Ikue] - Goes on walks, or takes a nap -- otherwise will go stargazing if it's late enough.
Roche [Nellie] - Goes swimming, or enjoys some nice food on a stroll.
Niliri - Will work on portraits or other paintings or go out and take walks in the city.
Rensa [Rhion] - Sleep or lie down with some music, or play some more relaxing games (though she can't exactly do that anymore).


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PostSubject: Re: Character Questions :: BATCH 2   Sat Apr 09, 2016 12:05 am

1. What's your OC's nervous habit(s)?
Selena - Anger. When she gets nervous or unsure she lashes out. It counts as a habit because well... Yeah >_>
Hime [Mia] - Playing with her hair. When she gets nervous or awkward she likes to touch her hair.
Akihiko - He ruffles his hair and looks away when nervous.
Fionn [Gwyn] - Smiles and scratches his cheek or fiddles with the braid in his hair.
APO [Aila] - She fidgets and twirls her hair or brushes her lips with her fingers.
Blade [Itsuki] - He laughs and either plays with his hair or a knife.
Thalia - She goes entirely blank and barely breathes, mimicking a doll almost perfectly or brings her hand up to her chest and clenches it.
Aya - Tail swishing, mouth running off with itself.
Dianthe - Brings hair to lips, tugs at her dress, taps her feet.
Rex - Her tail swishes. A lot. It hurts things.
Xin - He fiddles with his coat.
Zhura- Playing with hair, curling up, bowing, fidgeting, biting her lip, etc. She has a lot of them.
Red [Yyteri]- She fidgets with her glasses or cloak.
Sarein - Him? Nervous? Hah.
Tsaiki - He plays with his sword. No, not that one.
Ash - She gets a bit grumpy, tries to hide her nervous signs. Mostly her tail is the sign, or not making eye contact.
Felix - He ruffles his hair and smiles sheepishly.
Tamaki - Tries to avoid the situation and leave if they get nervous. But really they fidget and look for escape routes.
Sienir - She bites her lip, fidgets, grabs her arm or plays with her skirt

2. What are things your OC's is afraid of?
Selena - Nightmares, dying. Loved ones dying. Failure.
Hime [Mia] - Losing her family, letting her Guild down, losing herself... Sea cucumbers. Itsuki once scared her with one and now she's borderline terrified of the things.
Akihiko - People hurting his family, opening up, love, unfortunately timed interruptions
Fionn [Gwyn] - Being alone. Being useless. Being hated, getting angry. Has a slight uncomfortableness with heights, aggravated by agoraphobia and a fear of falling.
APO [Aila] - Running out of booze. Intimacy.
Blade [Itsuki] - Dates. Being asked out, romantic things. Being left alone.
Thalia - Becoming a doll, giving up, losing her friends, being left alone.
Aya - Being ignored, being used and tossed aside,
Dianthe - Never seeing someone ever again. Being stuck inside of this circle for eternity. Fish with really, really sharp teeth.
Rex/Xin - [N/A]
Zhura- What isn't she afraid of
Red [Yyteri]- Honestly, not much phases her, but she is a bit scared of pitch black dark.
Sarein - Losing everything he's built up and his family.
Tsaiki - He's honestly already had the most terrifying thing happen, losing his mother.
Ash - Being attacked again, not having an escape route... centipedes.
Felix - Losing his sister, getting actually close to people.
Tamaki - Being forgotten, being attacked, getting hurt. Spiders.
Sienir - Forgetting again, staying alone, failing to protect someone. Things with human faces that shouldn't have faces.

3. What's your OC's age?
Selena - 19 (I know. I fucking know.)
Hime [Mia] - 24
Akihiko - ??? (Honestly I need to find out if Half Alvs age differently first)
Fionn [Gwyn] - 28
APO [Aila] - 23
Blade [Itsuki] - 17
Thalia - 27
Aya - 20
Dianthe - A lot.
Rex/Xin - In game, hundreds of years??? maybe more??
Zhura- 25
Red [Yyteri]- 18, though she seems much older.
Sarein - itsamystery.mp3
Tsaiki - 19
Ash - 16
Felix - 21
Tamaki - 25
Sienir - 17

4. What's your OC's sexual orientation?
Selena - Pansexual
Hime [Mia] - Bisexual
Akihiko - Demisexual (biromantic tho)
Fionn [Gwyn] - Pansexual
APO [Aila] - Demisexual
Blade [Itsuki] - HE'S SHY U FUCKS. (No idea)
Thalia - Heterosexual. Mostly??
Aya - Bisexual (leans heavily towards men with only a few women or types)
Dianthe - People...???
Rex/Xin - Have no real concept of that yet. But I think Pansexual as fuck.
Zhura- Pansexual
Red [Yyteri]- Apparently Kamil-sexual
Sarein - Likes corrupting pure or innocent people, but otherwise it's a mystery
Tsaiki - Hetero? Possibly Demisexual
Ash - Heterosexual
Felix - Bisexual
Tamaki - Pansexual
Sienir - Heterosexual

5. Has your OC's ever been in a relationship? Had a fling?
Selena - Lots of flings. One relationship. Currently in it.
Hime [Mia] - A few dates, no flings. Now in a relationship.
Akihiko - Doesn't do flings, but in a weird polygamous relationship currently.
Fionn [Gwyn] - Flings and relationships. Has a boyfriend at the moment
APO [Aila] - Has a boyfriend. WTF. Would never do flings.
Blade [Itsuki] - He's...held hands. And had a few kisses stolen. So uh... Mr Pure White Prince.
Thalia - Used to do flings, now just does Elouan.
Aya - She does flings and can pretend relationships well enough to pass. May have a boyfriend now though???
Dianthe - Uuuh, one relationship. A lot more flings. Because lonely.
Rex/Xin - None of either. Most likely to end up accidentally messing around though once they figure that stuff out. RIP random people.
Zhura- Both. In a relationship right now actually.
Red [Yyteri]- Never flings, but currently dating someone.
Sarein- No relationships, doesn't really like those too much even if he has urges to try sometimes. Is a prostitute, so flings are really all he does.
Tsaiki- A total cherry boy. Pls
Ash - As virgin as they come, she's never even held hands
Felix - Flings, mostly people asking him for sex and him just agreeing.
Tamaki - Prefers relationships, but if they trust you enough they'll do a fling.
Sienir - No real relationships, liked to just string people along into thinking she would have one. Three flings, all with various young men who worked for her family.

6. Can you OC's swim?
Selena - Like a fishie.
Hime [Mia] - Decently! Not really fond of swimming in oceans, it makes her nervous but she doesn't mind going in shallow parts.
Akihiko - Like a fishie #2
Fionn [Gwyn] - Like a fishie #3
APO [Aila] - Pretty well! She likes river diving the most. And arctic plunges. IT'S BRISK ASSHOLES.
Blade [Itsuki] - Like Fishies #4
Thalia - Decently, but can be a bit
Aya - Not the greatest, but is passable. She prefers sitting on the beach or poolside to swimming, but likes to float around in baths or other hot water.
Dianthe - Insanely well.
Rex - Pretty good! She uses her tail as a rudder while powering through the water.
Xin - He likes to float around.
Zhura- Decently, she prefers sitting on the beach to swimming in the ocean though. Sandcastles...
Red [Yyteri]- A bit, she's not the greatest but she can hold her own.
Sarein- His hair gets in the way, but when it was shorter he was pretty good.
Tsaiki- He's really good, even knows how to surf.
Ash - Enough to not drown easily, but not too much otherwise.
Felix - Pretty good! Nothing too special swimming wise.
Tamaki - Not very good, avoids beaches and pools.
Sienir - Yeah! Very very well.

7. What's your OC's favorite color(s)?
Selena - Black-White-Gray
Hime [Mia] - Sapphire Blue - Violet - Red
Akihiko - Silver-Gray-Black
Fionn [Gwyn] - Lighter/softer greens/purples/blues. Teal and aquamarine are his favorites.
Blade [Itsuki] - Dark blue, light red.
Thalia - White
Aya - Silver-White-Black-Gold
Dianthe - Magenta tones, garnet tones. Jewel-like colors and metallics.
Rex - Cream-black-pink
Xin - Purple-Black-Yellow
Zhura- Pinks, oranges, yellows
Red [Yyteri]- Red. Crimson red. Red red. Red orange.
Sarein- Greens of varying shades.
Tsaiki- He likes blues and oranges.
Ash - Creams, whites, light reds and pinks
Felix - Lavender, orange, silver
Tamaki - Light blues and greens. Pastel mostly.
Sienir - Golds, yellow, white, purple

8. What does your OC's wear to bed?
Selena - Sheets and Luca.
Hime [Mia] - Her tails. Asashiru.
Akihiko - Cloth shorts of some sort.
Fionn [Gwyn] - A white button up and some thin, loose pants he made.
Blade [Itsuki] - He found something vaguely resembling pjs and uses it. When he remembers.
Thalia - A robe. It gets tangled up and opens a lot but she still likes it.
Aya - Bikini top and a loose skirt.
Dianthe - Nothing
Rex/Xin - Either their clothes or nothing. They don't care.
Zhura- Fancy nightgown, probably see through...
Red [Yyteri]- ...Lingerie. It's cool.
Sarein- Mostly a sleeping robe or nothing, but he prefers to wear something.
Tsaiki- Pj bottoms and a tank top.
Ash - Footie pjs with a little hood and ears. In various animal incarnations.
Felix - He likes to sleep with just shorts on, it's too warm otherwise.
Tamaki - They like loose pajamas of any type.
Sienir - Nothing if she sleeps inside, because she has only one set of clothes so she doesn't want to make it dirtier if she can help it. If outside, her clothes.

9. What ethnicity is your OC's? If they're a Lander, describe their homeland.
Selena - French
Hime [Mia] - Japanese, though not raised there like at all.
Akihiko - Islander, his home is the city.
Fionn [Gwyn] - Welsh/German (Dad) and Danish/Ukrainian (Mom)
APO [Aila] - Scandinavian/Chinese
Blade [Itsuki] - Japanese/Bengali
Thalia - Islander, her home is the city.
Aya - Korean
Dianthe - An old weird Race of Ritual...
Rex/Xin - Monster. Their home was a hidden mine area, with living gem trees and beautiful mithril rivers and almost glowing shadows. A lovely home.
Zhura- Chinese
Red [Yyteri]- A true 'Murican mutt
Sarein - Islander.
Tsaiki - Native American/French
Ash - Islander. The city is her home, or was.
Felix - White as fuck
Tamaki - Japanese
Sienir - A larger town tucked away near the mountains that surround the giant inland sea that the locals call The Lake. She lived there with her family, one of the richest in town.

10. What is your OC's self esteem like?
Selena - A top ten list of her most hated people of all time would see herself placed at 1 by a large margin. Her self esteem isn't the greatest, but she ignores it and powers through by her immense will. The hatred fuels her.
Hime [Mia] - Decent, she is a bit hard on herself at times but she's not under the impression that she's awful.
Akihiko - He's pretty well adjusted. He's got good self esteem, not as much as his stage persona wants you to think though. He can get a little hung up on being creepy or scary to others though..
Fionn [Gwyn] - He's melancholy and hard on himself a lot. So not really too much...
APO [Aila] - APO THINKS SHE'S THE FUCKING BEST. She is a bit aaah as far as interpersonal things go tho and can be very self conscious about that.
Blade [Itsuki] - Pretty good! But also pretty bad. He has a streak of self loathing that manifests itself in him being more boisterous and compensating for it.
Thalia - She believes she is a doll. >_>
Aya - Simultaneously high and low self esteem.
Dianthe - Very low but she works on making sure it acceptable levels.
Rex/Xin - As an all powerful raid boss monster, they kind of have a ton of self esteem and assume they are fucking awesome at all times.
Zhura- She has none.
Red [Yyteri]- She's perfectly fine with herself, though there's some things she'd like to work on.
Sarein- HAHAHAHAHA. He's pretty much set ego wise.
Tsaiki- He's uh, middling. But he tries to pretend to be totally fine with himself.
Ash - She's got decent self esteem, could be better but she hides it because she has to be assertive and in control!
Felix - He's uh, pretty mellow self esteem wise? Doesn't think he's the greatest, but also doesn't look down on himself.
Tamaki - Kind of self conscious, in a they knew they were a shithead way and trying to make up for it. Otherwise their self esteem is fine, looks wise etc
Sienir - Pretty decent, she's confident in her fighting and stuff but like things she has no experience with make her flounder and feel unsettled.

11. What wakes your OC's in the middle of the night?
Selena - Nightmares. That stupid ass fucking fairy.
Hime [Mia] - Shiru's nightmares, too much warmth from her tails and two bodies combined under blankets.
Akihiko - Tiny little kitty eyes at the edge of his bed, whining for things.
Fionn [Gwyn] - Selena screaming from the top of her tower and tossing the fairy out. Living in the gardens is suffering.
APO [Aila] - She uh... sleeps through mostly.
Blade [Itsuki] - Nothing. He was kicked off a bed and hit a stone floor and was still out. He's slept through bear attacks, hurricanes...
Thalia - Unfamiliar noises wake her up, the temple is taking some getting used to.
Aya - Normally sleeps in the early morning hours to noon-ish so... the middle of her night? Happy dreams, nightmares. One of the group waking her up to get her off the couch.
Dianthe - Memories, reminders of things she's seen. Unusual sounds.
Rex - New thoughts or Xin, if he's awake.
Xin - New thoughts or Rex, if she's awake.
Zhura- Not much. She sleeps like a log, but sometimes she has nightmares. Those'll wake her up.
Red [Yyteri]- Sometimes bad dreams or loud sounds outside.
Sarein- Noises from his partner for the night/noises from his sister's room
Tsaiki- Bad dreams.
Ash - Nightmares about her mother's death and the attack on the caravan.
Felix - Getting too warm, falling off the bed in his sleep from moving too much.
Tamaki - Generally sleeps through the night without waking, kind of a heavy sleeper.
Sienir - Sudden noises, rain, cries for help, weird dreams that seem to be memories that she can't reach

12. What is something your OC's does to relax?
Selena - Sex. Luca brushing her hair and running his fingers across her skin (not sexily but like soft touches), hot baths
Hime [Mia] - Brush her hair (and fur) or get brushed, listen to others talk (their voices soothe her) she liked to read before but it's hard to find stories like their old world so...
Akihiko - Read, fiddle with alv tech, stare at the stars and study history, play with his little sister and take her out.
Fionn [Gwyn] - He likes to swim and relax in water, he also likes to listen to music.
APO [Aila] - Drinking. Hot baths. Punching assholes.
Blade [Itsuki] - Stabbing assholes. Annoying others. Long walks. martial arts. He hates being still too long.
Thalia - Cleaning. Being touched (nonsexually), bathing.
Aya - Mess with others, let off steam by doing something that is active (like dancing or singing). Lay around for hours doing nothing.
Dianthe - float in her pools, reorganize her collections of trinkets, skip stones and then go swim to find them.
Rex/Xin - Annoy their masters or snuggle Fionn.
Zhura- Listen to music or watch plays/movies
Red [Yyteri]- Reads trashy smut, makes swords
Sarein- ??? mess with people?
Tsaiki- Drink
Ash - Write in her diary, talk to Kuina
Felix - Take care of flowers, sit in little gardens and read. Sit in a bath.
Tamaki - Write a lot, wander the city, make a blanket fort and pass out
Sienir - Sunbathe, bathe bathe, do stretches, pace around


✿ Once Upon a Time...✿

✧・゚:*✧・゚:* (◕‿◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
✿ Fionn ✧ Hime ✧ Altathe ✧ Selena ✧ Liam ✧ Ash ✧ Blade ✧ Aya ✧ Rexin ✧ Apo ✧ Aki ✧ Sienir ✿
✿ Zhura ✧ Tamaki ✧ Thalia ✧ Tsaiki ✧ Dianthe ✧ Sarein ✧ Red ✧ Alwin ✧ Mikaela ✧ Felix ✧ Wren ✿

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PostSubject: Re: Character Questions :: BATCH 2   Tue Apr 12, 2016 12:25 pm

1. What's your OC's nervous habit(s)?
Gerald [B1az31tl0rd420] - Tends to look down to make sure his 'real name' sign is actually on.
Yui [Yuilad] - Is mostly just chill all the time, but tends to take a lot of deep breaths now that he's not sick any more.
Narubi [Morgana] - Taps her hands against her sides when she's thinking hard or excited, looks for exits of every building she walks into, tries to not make eye contact for too long.

2. What are things your OC's is afraid of?
Gerald [B1az31tl0rd420] - Angry customers, bears, recognition
Brenda [The Frizz] - FEAR HAS NO PLACE IN AN ADVENTURE (but suffocating to death sure is spooky)
Yui [Yuilad] - Dying young and alone.
Narubi [Morgana] - Strangers, strange places, friendly people.

3. What's your OC's age?
Gerald [B1az31tl0rd420] - 25
Brenda [The Frizz] - 40
Yui [Yuilad] - 18
Narubi [Morgana] - 29

4. What's your OC's sexual orientation?
Gerald [B1az31tl0rd420] - 100% Hetero
Brenda [The Frizz] - ADVENTURING KNOWS NO BOUNDRIES (which means she'll swing any way, she just likes taking someone to bed at the end of a nice long day of adventuring.)
Yui [Yuilad] - A straight man in more ways than one
Narubi [Morgana] - She's a lesbian, but good luck getting close enought to really find out.

5. Have your OC's ever been in a relationship? Had a fling?
Gerald [B1az31tl0rd420] - He's had a few flings in college, and at least one relationship that lasted a few months. Flying solo at the moment.
Brenda [The Frizz] - Greatly prefers flings than trying to settle down.
Yui [Yuilad] - Has only had one relationship with his girlfriend Aleshia, going on for nearly seven years.
Narubi [Morgana] - Is really unsure in what she wants from another person.

6. Can you OC's swim?
Gerald [B1az31tl0rd420] - Very much nope. He sinks like a rock when placed in water.
Brenda [The Frizz] - BUT OF COURSE! How else would she have done coral reef ADVENTURES back home?
Yui [Yuilad] - Is capable of swimming considering he grew up on an island, but really just preferes the lazy river kind of pools.
Narubi [Morgana] - Never learned because there weren't any pools or lakes or the like where she grew up.

7. What's your OC's favorite color(s)?
Gerald [B1az31tl0rd420] - Likes a nice light orange. Kinda like a creamsicle
Brenda [The Frizz] - BRIGHT BIG FIERY RED
Yui [Yuilad] - The kind of chill blue that's mixed in with some red flowers on a hawaiian shirt.
Narubi [Morgana] - Dark purple, she's got at least four outfits of just that color.

8. What does your OC's wear to bed?
Gerald [B1az31tl0rd420] - Usually takes his dumb robe off and just sleeps in his undershirt
Brenda [The Frizz] - Clothes? In bed?
Yui [Yuilad] - Lucked out and got a special event set of pajamas. They've got little moons on them.
Narubi [Morgana] - Always wears her cloak, even to sleep.

9. What ethnicity is your OC's? If they're a Lander, describe their homeland.
Gerald [B1az31tl0rd420] - Pure white-bread Caucasian.
Brenda [The Frizz] - Australian/Maori mix
Yui [Yuilad] - Scotch-Irish White Boy
Narubi [Morgana] - African through and through.

10. What is your OC's self esteem like?
Gerald [B1az31tl0rd420] - Mostly pretty low, all from self-loathing.
Yui [Yuilad] - He's pretty okay with himself, to be honest
Narubi [Morgana] - Thinks neither hightly nor badly about herself. She just is

11. What wakes your OC's in the middle of the night?
Gerald [B1az31tl0rd420] - The phantom echoes of "Hey hey, smoke weed every day!" He wakes up screaming.
Brenda [The Frizz] - Thinking of all the ADVENTURES she can plan if she wasn't sleeping right now!
Yui [Yuilad] - Memories of not being able to sleep well because of his sickness
Narubi [Morgana] - Whenever something or someone snaps a branch or something near her campsite.

12. What is something your OC's does to relax?
Gerald [B1az31tl0rd420] - Usually sits in the back of the tavern and listen to the people tell their stories while trying really hard not to be noticed.
Brenda [The Frizz] - Briging someone into her tent at the end of the day
Yui [Yuilad] - When is he not relaxed? (Mostly hammock naps do the trick)
Narubi [Morgana] - Re...lax? Sometimes sleeping in a tree as a bat can be a bit better than sleeping normally. At least she can hide better

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PostSubject: Re: Character Questions :: BATCH 2   Sun Jun 25, 2017 5:24 pm

1. What's your OC's nervous habit(s)?
Kazuki - He tends to play with his hair, or rub the back of his neck.
Yamato - He has a habit of holding his sword when he's nervous, or otherwise glancing aside.
Hua - Has worked hard to rid herself of nervous habits.  The closest she has to one are subtle shifts in her body language.
Phaedra - Crosses her arms when she's nervous, but she does this sometimes when she's not as well.
Manami - Has a tendency to bite her lip when nervous.
Izumi - Gets exciteable and tries to push through nerves.
Percy - Does he get nervous? If he does, he doesn't seem to react in any way.
Beck - Tends to look down and giggle a lot, as well as get quieter than normal.

2. What are things your OC's is afraid of?
Kazuki - Responsibility, commitment (though he's getting over that one), his brother.
Yamato - His destiny... Death, though he buries that fear deep down.
Hua - Letting people she cares about get hurt. She's also not a fan of bright sunlight.
Phaedra - Failure
Manami - Manami fear very little, except perhaps that she's going to wake up one day and none of this will have happened.
Izumi - Being alone.
Percy - Horses.
Beck - Tight spaces, general claustrophobia.  Has mild agoraphobia, but she manages it pretty well internally.

3. What's your OC's age?
Kazuki - 23
Yamato - 28
Hua - 124, physically in her late teens to early 20s
Phaedra - 200, physically 30.
Manami - 24
Izumi - 17
Percy - 31
Beck - 20

4. What's your OC's sexual orientation?
Kazuki - Pansexual
Yamato - Heterosexual (Fionn exceptions don't count)
Hua - Bisexual, but hasn't really dealt with that.
Phaedra - Lesbian
Manami - Bisexual, but Heteroromantic
Izumi - Bisexual, heavily leaning towards men.
Percy - Asexual
Beck - Bisexual

5. Have your OC's ever been in a relationship? Had a fling?
Kazuki - Had plenty of flings. His current relationship is the first one he's taken seriously.
Yamato - Has had flings, to the shock of those who know him, though they were all very impersonal.  Is, bafflingly, in a relationship now, and happy with it!
Hua - Has had relationships and flings, though most of those people are dead now.... From old age, of course!
Phaedra - Has had relationships, but never got too far into them, due to general immaturity, or self destructing them.  Hasn't ever had a fling.
Manami - Has had one relationship to speak of, as well as one or two flings.
Izumi - Well, she's had a fling now... No other romantic engagements, though she has crushes at the moment.
Percy - Is in love with his work.
Beck - Has had one or two flings that could have become relationships but didn't.

6. Can you OC's swim?
Kazuki - Fairly well, yes.
Yamato - He's a very strong swimmer, through intentional training.
Hua - She can, but not very well, since she usually uses her wires to make something to float on.
Phaedra - Yes, but not very swiftly.
Manami - She was on the swim team in high school, but only for a year.
Izumi - Not... very well, no.
Percy - He can not.
Beck - She can't swim so much as she's very good at floating there.  She's never in danger of drowning, but she doesn't move very quickly.

7. What's your OC's favorite color(s)?
Kazuki - Violet
Yamato - Red
Hua - Red
Phaedra - Blue, like her hair.
Manami - Hot pink
Izumi - Vibrant greens
Percy - Tabby Orange
Beck - Earthy colors, green, orange, brown.

8. What does your OC's wear to bed?
Kazuki - Either a pair of slacks or nothing.
Yamato - Wears a traditional bed robe, when he can.
Hua - Usually sleeps in her clothes, which are already fairly comfortable for this.
Phaedra - Used to sleep naked, now she usually wears a pair of boxers.
Manami - Has a nighty looking outfit she wears sometimes, though she also sleeps in underwear sometimes.
Izumi - Sleeps naked, finding the idea of sleeping clothed kind of strange.
Percy - Sleeps, as near as anyone can tell, in a full suit.
Beck - Usually sleeps in a comfortable shirt and underwear.

9. What ethnicity is your OC's? If they're a Lander, describe their homeland.
Kazuki & Yamato - Hail from their asian inspired homeland, which they're the royal family of, albeit both have abidcated one way or the other.
Hua - Comes from a nearby country to Kazuki and Yamato's, a chinese inspired village, which definitely influenced her visual heritage
Phaedra - Comes from Alvantis, though has features in line with her mother's, who is a stereotypical vampiress in many ways.
Manami - Japanese, both in real life and in the game.
Izumi - Comes from the outlying noble houses of Alvantis. Has somewhat japanese features but not very strong ones.
Percy -  Was a white man before the catastrophe, but is now a tabby
Beck - Was white before, now looks more standard anime, in terms of ethnicity.

10. What is your OC's self esteem like?
Kazuki - Excellent, unless he has to talk about his past, in which case it starts to deteriorate.
Yamato - A mix of good and bad.  He is strict on himself because of his self esteem, but that strictness keeps his self esteem rather high.
Hua - Tends to be rather confident in herself, both socially and in adventuring.  She exudes confidence, really.
Phaedra - Combat wise, is almost full of herself, but socially thinks very poorly of herself.
Manami - It's somewhat subdued at times, but she thinks very highly of herself.  Not that she doesn't get shy in some situations.
Izumi - She's mindful to try and not let her self esteem get too high, since she views this as an easy trap caused by noble upbringing.
Percy - Is motivated almost purely by poor self esteem, really.
Beck - Tries not to think about it.  Is usually fairly confident, despite her quietness, but gets bouts of low self esteem.

11. What wakes your OC's in the middle of the night?
Kazuki - Nightmares about home and what he is supposed to be doing.
Yamato - Nightmares about what might come.
Hua - Mostly... falling slightly out of whatever she's sleeping in.  Usually a tree, or a hammock made of wires.
Phaedra - Thoughts of people she loves dying.
Manami - Random nightmares about being delusional thinking she can be successful here.
Izumi - Dreams of dying alone, or being left alone forever.
Percy - Literally nothing.  He sleeps like a rock every night.
Beck - Has a reoccurring nightmare about being sucked into the dirt.

12. What is something your OC's does to relax?
Kazuki - Dances, or teases his girlfriend/boyfriend.
Yamato - Does he relax?  I guess spending time with Aya is as relaxed as he gets.
Hua - Swinging around, feeding, sex.  All are good.
Phaedra - Goes out and clobbers some criminals.  Otherwise, reads a book in the bath.
Manami - A warm hot bath does wonders.
Izumi - Likes to curl up with a good book.
Percy - Curls up in the sun like the cat he is.
Beck - Likes to float in the water.
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Character Questions :: BATCH 2
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